My Cancer Journey

September 6, 2019 is a day I’ll never forget. It’s the day I received the diagnosis of breast cancer and suddenly my comfortable world turned upside-down. Join me as I share stories of how God blessed me in the midst of a life-altering illness and the ultimate journey that led me to being a survivor.

lifestyle change

Breast cancer. Those two words put me on a rollercoaster of emotion and pain and ushered me into a world I never knew, nor cared to be a part of. I wasn’t asked permission to be given this disease, but cancer doesn’t care.


My appointment was routine. Once I was dressed I quickly headed to the elevator trying to beat the rush-hour traffic. While waiting for the elevator …

Elise and Carol Roper

Sitting in the surgeon’s office, my husband, John, and I anxiously waited to hear what the doctor’s plan of action would be. Having recently received …


I knew God was good, but the moment I received my breast cancer diagnosis I wondered if God was still good to me. Having only recently prayed the “anything” prayer, I suddenly wanted to take it back.