Creative Counterpart by Linda Dillow

Creative CounterpartCreative Counterpart: Becoming the Woman, Wife and Mother You’ve Longed to Be is probably the best book I’ve ever read on being a better wife. I’ve given this book away (as a matter of fact, I must have given the last one away because I couldn’t find it) to several women who were struggling in their marriage.

Before I read this book, I have to admit I felt my husband was the one always at fault and I was pretty self-righteous about it. My prideful attitude only drove a wedge further between me and my husband. But through Linda’s honest assessment of her own mistakes in marriage, I was able to see clearly what my part was in our not getting along.

It’s hard to swallow our pride and admit we may also be at fault, but when we do, God offers us a sweetness in our marriage we may have never experienced before.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Even if your marriage seems pretty good right now, it still could bring new insight into your relationship.