Protecting Our Children in the Classroom from the Culture’s Agenda with Katie J. Trent

Katie J. Trent

Parents can play a critical role in their child’s education by exploring and employing advocacy methods within the school system. By voicing concerns, attending meetings, and voting, parents can challenge unfair practices, influence policies, and effect changes that prioritize children’s mental well-being. Additionally, building strong relationships with educators and school staff can create an impactful collaboration towards effective support and nurturing of children’s unique gifts and talents.

Uncovering Your Purpose: How Melissa Roberts Found Her Calling to Serve Others

Melissa Roberts

Melissa Roberts is an incredible woman who has devoted her life to uplifting and nurturing others. As the founder and CEO of Rahab’s Women and Children Home in Griffin, Georgia, Melissa exudes compassion and a deep desire to create a better world. She is a dedicated wife, a loving mother of six children, and a strong advocate for the importance of good family values. Through her determination and sheer will, Melissa has implemented a twelve-month program for homeless mothers, equipping them with essential life skills. Her uncompromised dedication to instilling biblical principles and creating solid foundations for these families is truly inspirational.