Fear is a Liar with Carol Roper

Carol Roper

I’ve really struggled to put into words all that I wanted to say to you today because the last few months have been difficult for me as I’ve been seeking what God wants me to do with the podcast. I’ve been doing this for 3-1/2 years now and have recently been in a deep season of discouragement. As I prayed and continually asked God what my next steps should be, I only sensed silence from Him. I’ve gone through seasons of silence before, but this has been especially hard because I wanted to make sure I was being obedient to what God wanted me to do, not just put out a podcast to build my own, or anyone else’s, platform.

Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies with Julie Loos

Julie Loos

In this episode Julie shares a wealth of information, starting with a simple definition of apologetics, weaving in her story of mistakes she made as a mom, defining the “chew and spit” method to help your kids discern what’s right and wrong and ending with a plethora of resources to equip moms to learn how to teach their children how to stand up for their beliefs, including Julie and Hillary’s newest book, Prayers for Mama Bears. She even reads one of the powerful prayers in the book titled, Raising Dragon Slayers in an Era of Dragons that will inspire you to persevere in our post-Christian culture.

Breaking the Cycle: Transforming Anger into Love in Parenting with Jennifer Sakata

Jennifer Sakata

Having grown up with an alcoholic mother and stepdad she didn’t understand that her family life was dysfunctional. Not until she began to notice that her friends’ families functioned much differently than her own. But when she became a teen, she and her little sister were removed from that environment. Unfortunately, the sisters were separated, each going to live with their respective grandparents. Only then did Jennifer begin to understand the difference between a house and a home.

Celebrating My 100th Episode with My Husband and Kids: John, Elise and Jacob

Roper Family

I thought it would be fun to introduce you to my husband, John, and our children, Elise and Jacob, and have them share some of their stories from growing up on the farm. I ask each of them share their thoughts on what it means to build their faith and what kind of legacy they want to leave. John even shares a story I’d never heard before about being put in a police car and hauled off to be interrogated! This was while we were married, y’all! How did the kids know this story and I didn’t??

Miracles in the Journey: Navigating Faith Through Four Battles with Cancer with Lori Margo

Lori Margo

“Faith is the refusal to panic.” This quote by Dennis Rainey had a profound impact on Lori Margo as she walked through her difficult journey with cancer. Because her own mother had been diagnosed with cancer at the same age Lori received her first diagnosis and passed away two short years later, she had every reason to panic. But as she walked her own path, she realized that if you’re going to believe the Bible, you’ve got to believe the whole Bible.