How to Pray Powerful and Effective Prayers for Your Children, No Matter How Old They Are with Jodie Berndt

Jodie Berndt

Today’s guest is someone I’m so glad to have share her story and her ministry on the podcast. Jodie Berndt is the author of the Praying the Scriptures for Your Children series and has impacted so many parents’ prayer lives–including mine! Her book, Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children, was so impactful for me … Read more

Her Family’s Amazing Jump Story with KariAnne Wood

KariAnne Wood

I can’t wait to introduce to this week’s guest! She’s one of the cutest, most inspiring and fun people on the internet who always leaves you with a smile. KariAnne Wood is the creator of Thistlewood Farms blog where she gives lots of fun, practical and economical tips about home decor and she also shares … Read more

Finding Freedom from the Father Wound with Juli Sellers

Juli Sellers

When Juli Sellers agreed to care for her father, the decision wasn’t easy. She had to reconcile years of abuse with the growing need to help him as his memory diminished. After a lifetime of hurt, she searched for the forgiveness that would heal their relationship before it was too late. In Juli’s book, Yes, … Read more

From Murderer to Messenger: How God Transformed a Prisoner Through His Word with Henry Mitchell

Henry Mitchell

One Wednesday night after church I struck up a conversation with another church member, Henry Mitchell, and he shared all of the great things God had been doing in his life. Now I knew Henry had been released from prison over two years prior and that he’d served a long time in prison, but I … Read more