Happy Anniversary!

   “The two will become one flesh.” So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together 
let man not separate. ~ Mark 10:8-91

     June 22nd is a very special day in the Roper household. That’s the day my husband, John, and I said “I do” before God, family and a church full of witnesses committing to love, honor and cherish each other until death do us part. That was 28 years ago and, by the grace of God, we’re still together.

     But we won’t be sharing a celebratory anniversary dinner this year as we have in years past. John is headed back from Utah on business and we won’t see each other until June 23rd. I know it seems silly, but I’ve never spent an anniversary without him and am just a little melancholy about it.

    As I ponder this thought, I’m reminded of all the spouses who’ve missed anniversaries, birthdays and numerous other special events because of their willingness to serve our nation far away from loved ones and feel blessed to have been able to spend 27 anniversaries with my hubby, appreciating all the more the sacrifices made of our military families. Since June is considered the most popular wedding month in our country, I would like to wish all of the husbands and wives who are apart and cannot celebrate this important occasion together a blessed day, experiencing the comfort of our Savior’s loving arms while missing your loved one’s touch. Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed and you are appreciated for your dedication to protecting the freedoms of this great nation, whether you’re on the field or holding down the home front. I pray you’ll be able to spend your next anniversary together, rejoicing in your love for one another and the goodness of God to bring you back together. So, Happy Anniversary and thank you for stepping up when duty calls.

     And Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband. Thank you, John, for loving and supporting me through good times and bad over the last 28 years. Your commitment to me and our family has never wavered and I love you even more because of it. This June 22ndI’ll be missing you, but I’ll also be looking forward to spending at least the next 28 more together. I love you!!