The Building Strong Homes Live Hometown Event was a success!!

Live event

We had such an awesome time celebrating the first Live Hometown Event! It was super-hot but eventually the clouds rolled in and cooled it off. I’m so grateful for all of the great ladies who stepped in and made this event possible!! And I must thank my husband, John, for getting everything ready to welcome … Read more

The Simple Secret to Discarding Clutter by Melissa Capps

The Simple Secret to Discarding Clutter with Melissa Capps

Mary’s attic housed several large boxes of Christmas cards. (After all, she was connected to tons of people who loved her family!) I encouraged her to go through them and pull out the ones that mattered most. With every card she withdrew from a box, she gave thoughtful consideration before tenderly transferring it to a … Read more

Twenty Seconds of Courage: Inviting Others Into Your Grief by Beth Saadati

Jenna and Beth Saadati

I yanked the iPhone from my ear and stared at the screen. A long pause ensued before the chat resumed. “He’s coming when?” I asked. My middle daughter answered matter-of-factly. “The Friday before Thanksgiving.” “How long does he want to stay?” “Something like ten days.” “But your brother will be on a camping trip and … Read more