Perfect Accomodations


shepherds+at+christmas.jpgWhy didn’t the innkeeper have room for Jesus?

Consider this; what if Jesus had been born in the inn?

The shepherds, who were summoned by a heavenly host of angels, may have never been let in. No one wanted to associate with lowly shepherds, considered the bottom rung in the social ladder and never invited to important events. They were outcasts. Thus, their presence in the inn would have caused an unwanted stir.
Would they’ve gone if the angels had heralded instead, “You shall find the baby in a private room at the inn, wrapped in a clean blanket and lying in a baby bassinet?” I’m sure they would have hesitated, wondering who would let them in.
But in a pungent stable they felt more at home. There was no prejudice there; they belonged, and therefore had no reservation about seeking out a manger holding the Savior.
Mary and Joseph welcomed these who came to worship their newborn son. How comforting it must have been for Mary, after going through the treacherous journey and the labor of her first-born, to see these men. It didn’t matter they were smelly social outcasts. Their soiled robes didn’t cause Mary to shoo them away; she wasn’t afraid of their dirt. She was, however, impressed with their presence. Obviously they’d been summoned by God to welcome this child. They affirmed Gabriel’s message. This was the Christ child.
If Jesus had been born in the inn, we may have missed the miracle of Christ stepping from His throne on high into the lowest of places to meet the lowliest of people, proving His love for every single one of us. A stable may not seem the best place for our Messiah’s entrance into the world, but God knew it was perfect.


May the goodness of Christ be revealed to you this blessed season.
Merry Christmas!