Can You Miss Your Calling? with Alli Worthington

I know you’re going to love today’s guest, Alli Worthington. Alli is a speaker, author of four books, business coach and podcaster. She is also my business coach and the co-creator of Called Creatives. In today’s episode she shares a paystubs guide and how she built her business after her family lost everything and filed bankruptcy in 2008. She had $42 in startup money and Google. Because of that experience, Alli’s mission is to create tools to help women grow a fierce faith, build their dreams and ultimately love their lives, just as she’s been able to do. Alli believes if we, as women, hold ourselves back it’s not going to help us expand the Kingdom. We need to step into everything God has for us. My interview with Alli is so inspiring that I know it will encourage you to build whatever dream or calling God has put on your heart. And if you don’t know what that is yet, listen to Alli’s journey and see how God took her step by step to where she is today.

Quotes From Alli

Alli talks about how super-nerdy she was as a child and how “those unique gifts, even if nobody appreciates them, God will give us a time in our lives to use it for His good.”

“If I had let the response when I was 15 or 5 or 25 or even 30 stop me, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today. I think that God gives us unique abilities that sometimes we think are weaknesses, but over time He will give us the time and use that for His glory, no matter if we like it or not.”

“If there’s one legacy I don’t want to leave my children, it’s victimization and bitterness.”

“It’s important for us to tell the stories that don’t make us look good. It’s important to tell the stories of like, here’s the real ugliness, here’s what I did, here’s how the Lord saw me through it.”

“We [as women] tend to hold ourselves back and play small because we have this belief that that’s what it looks like to be humble.”

“I believe if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly at first cause we’re all going to be bad at it at first.”

“It took me getting over myself to be able to get here.”

“If I hold myself back it’s not going to expand the kingdom. Let me step into everything He has for me.”

“Sometimes it gets scary because we go, ‘Oh, what is my purpose or what’s my calling? What if I’ve missed it? Like it’s a bus and the bus has left us behind, and we say, ‘Oh I’ve missed the bus.’ No. The Lord has stuff for us to do every season of life.”

Resources and How to Find Alli

Alli’s Books: Standing Strong, Fierce Faith, Breaking Busy and The Year of Living Happy

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