How God Transformed an Alcoholic into a Missionary with Alex and Candace Cooke

In today’s episode I have the pleasure of interviewing Alex and Candace Cooke, whom I’ve known for a long time but have recently connected since we’ve joined Infinity Church where we learned they were embarking on a journey to become missionaries to Mexico. When I invited Alex to come on the podcast, I didn’t know much of his story at all. But when they came to record and Alex said he was going to talk about alcoholism too, I asked, “who’s alcoholism?” and he said his own. I was completely surprised. Alex and Candace share how his alcohol problem had gotten so bad that she left him and was determined they were going to be divorced. But when Alex finally surrendered his life to Jesus and stopped drinking, she said, “I know that only God could have done that work in this man.”

They share how God started drawing Alex to missions in Mexico and why they don’t feel both of them have to be called to surrender to the mission field. They also talk a little about their coffee business, Confidence Coffee Supply (which is a sponsor of this podcast) helps to support them in their ministry. I can’t wait for you to hear Alex and Candace’s story of redemption and grace.

Quotes From This Episode

“[God} did what he needed to do in my life to cause me to repent.” – Alex

“I knew that [Alex] was following God and God was not going to lead him astray.” – Candace

Links and Resources

If you want to order their coffee or partner with them through financial support, you can find out more about it at where you can order a year subscription and get 50% off of your first month of coffee by using the code COFFEE.

Here’s Candace’s delicious vanilla syrup recipe:

Follow Alex and Candace on Facebook at Confidence Coffee Supply LLC and Cooke Family on the Mission Field. You can also direct message either of them on Facebook at John Alex Cooke or Candace Cooke.

Listen to How God Transformed an Alcoholic into a Missionary with Alex and Candace Cooke