The Bright Side of Darkness with Brant Hansen

Is the current status of our world, nation and maybe even your community getting you down? Do some days make you wonder if you’ll ever experience joy again because there’s so much hard in your life right now? My guest today, Brant Hansen, will help us look at the bright side of things by turning our focus to all of the good that is around us. And y’all, I can’t believe this, but I called him by the wrong name a couple of times in this interview and he wouldn’t let me edit that out!

Brant has a humble and empathetic heart and an amazing sense of humor that allows him to share stories from his own life that encourage and lift people up. One of my favorite quotes from this episode is when Brant says, “Maybe we need to all learn how to be awkward. It’s not the worst thing in the world. I could survive that.” He shares many of his awkward moments to prove he knows what he’s talking about. So, let’s learn to get over ourselves and experience joy in the hard.

Quotes from Brant

“Where your attention is determines who you’re going to become. What I’m paying attention to today determines who I am tomorrow.”

“Gratitude chases out anxiety.”

“It’s very difficult to be grateful and anxious at the same time.”

Links mentioned in this episode

Check out Brant’s book: Life is Hard, God is Good, Let’s Dance and find out more about him and his podcast at or on Facebook at Brant Hansen Page and on Instagram at Brant Hansen

Find out more about CURE International Children’s Hospital, the organization that Brant says, “does free orthopedic and neurosurgeries that change and save the lives of kids, and it’s all in the name of Jesus…. These places are like embassies for the kingdom of God.”

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