How to Welcome Others into Your Home Without Stressing Out with Sue Donaldson

Is hospitality something that doesn’t come easy for you? Are you always worried about how clean (or messy!) your home is? Or that you can’t cook? Or that you just don’t know how to entertain? My guest today, Sue Donaldson, is the queen of hospitality and she’s here to help. Yes, she grew up with a mother who loved welcoming people into their home, but Sue’s grandmother, her mom’s mom, never invited people in. In spite of that, she decided she wanted to learn how to be hospitable and did just that.

Now, because of her mother’s influence, Sue’s gift of hospitality is second nature for her. But she’s learned that it’s not about a clean house or even entertaining, it’s about serving others. Pinterest and Instagram have skewed our ideas of hospitality, but Sue has so many practical and creative suggestions about how to make it easy for you.

She also talks about how being a mother of young children is like living on a desert island (amen!) and how important it is to have a community of other moms around you and one of the best ways to do that is by inviting those moms in. Yes, welcoming people past the threshold of your front door can be vulnerable, but it can also be very rewarding.

We also talk about mentoring and a secret to make it easier for both the mentor and the mentee. And Sue has some great free resources she’ll share at the end of our interview. You’ll be excited to start welcoming people into your home after you listen to this episode.

Quotes From Sue

“When you’re older… you experience failure, and you realize it didn’t matter.”

“Entertaining can be to impress. Hospitality is to serve.”

“To be the mother of a young child is like living on a desert island… that’s when you need a community of other moms.”

“To live a legacy life is to live a life that counts for eternity.”


Get Sue’s free resources, a prayer, recipe and mentoring worksheet here

Join Sue’s Facebook group Welcome Heart, Welcome Home and check out Sue’s book, Table Mentoring: A Simple Guide to Coming Alongside. You can find out more about Sue at her website, Welcome Heart and listen to her podcast, Living a Legacy Life

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