My Journey to Motherhood

He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the Lord. ~
Psalm 113:9

The joy of motherhood!

Two years. That’s how long it took me to get pregnant with my first child. I remember many nights spent crying, wondering if God would ever allow me to become a mother. I bit my lip when others around me celebrated their pregnancies, trying not to give way to hopelessness. I didn’t understand why so many women seemed to just think about having a baby and viola!they were pregnant. Meanwhile, I dealt with the pain of disappointment each month.

Until that point, my life had gone perfectly according to plan:

Get my associates degree in architecture within two years of graduating high school. Check.

Marry my high-school sweetheart right out of college. Check

Work for an architectural firm right out of school. Check.

Buy our first house within the first five years of marriage. Check.

Open a dream business with my sister-in-law when I was twenty-five. Check

Start having children after my husband and I had been married five years. Umm… well, that one wasn’t working out according to plan.

My type A, perfectionist personality didn’t know how to deal with this detour. I thought I was capable of making all of my dreams and goals come true as long as I was a good girl, followed the rules and worked hard. Looking back, I know that was when God really began dealing with my pride, using that time of waiting to draw me closer to Him.

Our Firstborn, Elise

Almost three years after starting our journey to become parents, Lauren Elise Roper was born. (Ten days late, I might add.) I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy over this beautiful gift from God.

A little over a year later, my husband and I started trying for our second child. Once again, the disappointment came each month. But this time I had hope and, after struggling fourteen months with infertility, became pregnant. Three years and three days after Elise was born, another beautiful gift from God, little Jacob Owen Roper, arrived. Our family was now complete.

Our newest addition, Jacob

I realize not everyone’s story has a happy ending, leaving them with unanswered prayers and questions. Many couples struggle for years trying to have a child of their own to no avail. I don’t understand why God answers some prayers for children and not others. All I can say is He is sovereign and His purposes will prevail.

I know a couple who, after discovering they couldn’t have children, decided to adopt and eventually welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family. Eventually, they added two more adopted children, another girl and a boy, making their family complete. I’m sure when their journey of infertility began they wondered if they’d ever have the privilege of becoming parents. But God has blessed them abundantly beyond all they could have imagined. Isn’t it amazing how God takes our hopelessness and turns it into joy if we’ll allow it?

This Mothers Day and every day, I thank God for allowing me the joy and honor of becoming Elise and Jacob’s mother. In spite of there being many ups and downs along the way, my husband and I have been blessed beyond measure. God has humbled me greatly over the last twenty years as I’ve learned to let go of my perfect plan and trust Him with my future. I still have moments where I want to cling desperately to my way of doing things, but God isn’t finished with me yet…

Elise and Jacob- the joy of having teenagers!

Do you have a special story about your journey to parenthood you’d like to share?

 I’d love to hear it!

Happy Mothers Day to my mom, Christine Limoges, and my mother-in-love, June Roper. You are both very special women who have trained me up in the ways of the Lord.
I love you!