The Importance of Strong Friendships with Julie Bagwell and Frieda Younts

Frieda, Carol and Julie

My guests for this first podcast episode are my two very best friends, Julie Bagwell and Frieda Younts. We’ve been friends for 26 years! Over time we’ve experienced lots of ups and downs but have remained close through it all. How did we do it? By being honest and real with each other, for one thing, but mostly by building our friendship on the foundation of Jesus Christ.
In this episode we talk about how hurts and jealousy, especially in a group with three friends, can be easy to fall into. But instead of letting them fester we bring it out in the open and talk about these things in the spirit of love. A friendship is work, but it’s so worth the reward.

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Gathering around the table

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proverbs 14:1, wise woman, blueprints

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