Lessons from the Farm with Nicki Koziarz

Nicki Koziarz

Y’all are gonna love todays’ guest, Nicki Koziarz. Nicki is a wife, mama, best-selling author, Bible teacher, podcast host and a farmer all rolled into one bubbly package. She has an incredible testimony of getting pregnant at 19 and was given an ultimatum to either get married or move out. She and her husband, Kris, … Read more

Learning to Trust God in Our Suffering with Kathy Burry

Kathy Burry

In this week’s episode, I’m honored to introduce you to Kathy Burry. If you live in our area, you probably know Kathy or her husband, Jimbo. Kathy is such a delight, even though she’s endured so much heartache in her life. She lost her mother to suicide when Kathy was only 29 years old, and … Read more

What it’s Like Growing Up the Youngest of 11 Children in a Blended Family with Daphne Woodall

Daphne Woodall

This week’s guest is Daphne Woodall. Daphne grew up as the youngest of 11 children in a blended family. Her biological father left before she was born and she never really knew him. But God blessed her with a wonderful step-father when her mom married her third and final husband. She talks about her relationship … Read more

How God Took Carolyn Knefely From a Starving Little Girl to the Queen of Etiquette

Carolyn Knefely

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to my writer friend, Carolyn Knefely. Carolyn has an impressive resume of extremely diverse careers, but what makes her story so incredible is her strength to overcome her childhood of her and her younger brothers often being left alone for days at a time. From the age of four … Read more