Learning to Trust God in Our Suffering with Kathy Burry

Kathy Burry

In this week’s episode, I’m honored to introduce you to Kathy Burry. If you live in our area, you probably know Kathy or her husband, Jimbo. Kathy is such a delight, even though she’s endured so much heartache in her life. She lost her mother to suicide when Kathy was only 29 years old, and … Read more

Beating the Cactus That Stuck Me with Kristen Gault

Kristen Gault

Today’s guest is Kristen Gault. Kristen has an amazing story of hope after beating stage two triple negative breast cancer after she was diagnosed at the age of 37. After 16 rounds of chemo, 33 radiation treatments and several surgeries she’s now cancer free and is still declaring God’s goodness in her life. She has … Read more

My Cancer Journey – But I Have a Daughter…

Elise and Carol Roper

Sitting in the surgeon’s office, my husband, John, and I anxiously waited to hear what the doctor’s plan of action would be. Having recently received a breast cancer diagnosis I was swimming in overwhelm and fear. This appointment with the surgeon would hopefully stem that tide a bit. After examining me and explaining the route … Read more