How God Took Carolyn Knefely From a Starving Little Girl to the Queen of Etiquette

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to my writer friend, Carolyn Knefely. Carolyn has an impressive resume of extremely diverse careers, but what makes her story so incredible is her strength to overcome her childhood of her and her younger brothers often being left alone for days at a time. From the age of four or five, Carolyn frequently begged for food from neighbors and even stole bread in order to survive. When she was 18 years old she nearly attempted suicide, but God intervened and made her realize she didn’t have to be a victim of her circumstances. So with God’s help and her determination she began a major journey with Jesus and says, “When you walk with Him don’t plan on going through a straight path.” She shares how a local Vacation Bible School teacher taught her about Jesus and how He’s always been with her through the mountains and valleys. It still amazes me how God took this poor, dirty, starving little girl that no one seemed to love and launched her into a world where she became trained and certified by the Protocol School of Washington Fine Dining and Etiquette and then taught business etiquette to colleges, corporations, churches, and conferences, even teaching in Europe.

Even though Carolyn endured such horrible treatment by her parents and then step-mom, you can tell she holds no bitterness towards them. Instead she praises those who were there for her when she needed them. If you’ve ever felt you can’t succeed because of a difficult childhood, listen to Carolyn’s story and realize how God can help anyone overcome their past to make a real difference in the world.

Highlights From Carolyn’s Story

“We were the dirty ones–we knew we did stink–and yet they still gave love and acceptance.” – Carolyn referring to how the VBS workers treated them.

“You’re the big sister, you have to take care of your brother now. It’s your job.” – Carolyn’s mom’s words to her after her baby brother was born

“What was meant for bad, God meant for good.” – Carolyn referring to her childhood. Based on the scripture of Genesis 50: 20.


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Listen to How God Took Carolyn Knefely From a Starving Little Girl to the Queen of Etiquette