Lessons from the Farm with Nicki Koziarz

Y’all are gonna love todays’ guest, Nicki Koziarz. Nicki is a wife, mama, best-selling author, Bible teacher, podcast host and a farmer all rolled into one bubbly package. She has an incredible testimony of getting pregnant at 19 and was given an ultimatum to either get married or move out. She and her husband, Kris, decided to get married and are still together 22 years later. As a young wife and mom Nicki was asked by a friend to lead a Bible study in her home and ended up having around 50 ladies attend for about two years. That was the start of her journey into womens ministry which eventually led to her becoming a part of the Proverbs 31 Ministry team.

She and her husband and three daughters are now first-generation farmers (which she says is a fancy way of saying they have no idea what they’re doing) and live on what they call the Fixer Upper Farm, because they’ve had to put so much work into it. But now God is pivoting them a bit and she shares how they’ve chosen a new name for their farm and are pursuing another big farm dream. It’s so fun listening to Nicki’s farm adventures! And she has a new book releasing in March that she talks about. In this episode she also shares about losing her mom after a six-month battle with a brain tumor and soon after she lost her brother to suicide. She’s had a hard last few years, but she still radiates with the joy God has given her.

Quotes from Nicki

“God will sometimes anoint you to do something but He doesn’t appoint you to do it until much later.”

“I don’t believe that mental illness defines our salvation.”

“You’ll always know what I’m struggling with in my life based on my next book coming out.”

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Nicki’s book releasing in March, Your New Now: Finding Strength and Wisdom When You Feel Stuck Where You Are, can be pre-ordered now. You can find Nicki’s other books here.

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