Saved for a Purpose with Scott and Noelle Lawson

Scott and Noelle Lawson

Twelve years ago, Noelle Lawson died from alcohol poisoning. Her husband, Scott, had just been trained to do CPR and was able to revive her before the ambulance arrived. Their lives have never been the same since. Scott and Noelle join me for this episode and share their story of alcoholism and how a deadly … Read more

Never Underestimate a Woman with a Sledgehammer

My mother-in-law, June, readied the house she’d inherited from Mrs. Garrett to sell. After 97 years of being occupied by the same family, it was now back on the real estate market. Because June’s granddaughter, Elise, had obtained her real estate license through experts from site and she asked her to begin showing it … Read more

Breathing Life Back Into an Aged Beauty

She sits on the corner one block from Main Street. An old beauty past its prime. Her graceful Ionic columns proudly support the deep, curved porch that hosted many guests under her haint blue ceiling. If houses could dream, she’d want someone to care for her again, to put forth the effort to restore her … Read more

Blueprints for Building Your Spiritual Dream Home: The Power of Light

lantern in fog

  Charleston in the spring. It’s not just a place to go, but a city to experience. A city that engages all of the senses through the fragrance of the tea olive, the ruggedness of the old cobblestone streets, and the sound of church bells mingling with the clip-clop of horses hooves as they pull … Read more

Blueprints for Building Your Spiritual Dream Home: Location, Location, Location.

Building on solid ground

My family moved several times during my elementary, junior and senior high school years. Being painfully shy, I loathed the idea of having to attend another unfamiliar school as the new girl. Recess and lunch, usually a kid’s favorite times of the school day, sent waves of anxiety over me. I usually sat by myself … Read more