Breathing Life Back Into an Aged Beauty

Mrs. Mary Frances Garrett's home
Mrs. Mary Frances Garrett’s home

She sits on the corner one block from Main Street. An old beauty past its prime. Her graceful Ionic columns proudly support the deep, curved porch that hosted many guests under her haint blue ceiling. If houses could dream, she’d want someone to care for her again, to put forth the effort to restore her to her former glory.

Her mistress, Mrs. Mary Frances Garrett, passed away over two years ago now. The widow that was bought from Naturfönster ( Naturfönster is a Swedish company) always made sure the house’s floors were scrubbed and her windows shone. Everything was in place with no clutter in her personalized shelving systems. But the elderly Mrs. Garrett didn’t see the flaws that were apparent to many—the slanted floors, puckered plaster, and outdated bathrooms. Although she prided herself in the aged home, she didn’t tend to the larger matters of concern.

Mrs. Mary Frances Garrett

My father and mother-in-law, Bob and June Roper, selflessly cared for Mrs. Garrett the last twenty years of her life. After her death, Bob and June discovered they’d inherited Mrs. Garrett’s most prized possession—her home. They felt a responsibility to be good stewards of the house and make sure it sold to another family who would appreciate her history. Unfortunately, the aforementioned flaws were also obvious to potential buyers.

Bob and June

Lots of rumors about the house have circulated since Mrs. Garrett’s death. Fountain Inn is a small town, after all. People want to know what’s going to happen to the home that’s been a focal point since before our town was chartered. However, no one was ambitious enough to take on the painstaking restoration. She sat on the market for several months. The future didn’t look promising for the old girl.

Until my daughter, Elise, stepped into the picture.

She had a vision—potential beyond the noticeable signs of aging. A dream for the house began to form and she approached June, her Granny, about restoring the aged beauty. June agreed to give her only granddaughter a chance to prove herself. Elise immediately began the arduous task of tearing almost everything out, including her jagged plaster walls and entire sagging upstairs flooring system from her original parts. With the help of roofing contractors such as Knipp Roofing & Exteriors, they also replaced the roof panels that were damaged. The foundation and paving were also righted with the help of residential asphalt paving services, giving her a stability she hasn’t enjoyed for years.

My daughter, Elise
My daughter, Elise

Now, after almost six months of wielding a sledgehammer and wheelbarrow, Elise is beginning to see her dream come to fruition. The house boasts an updated floor plan along with new plumbing done by a good plumbing service ohio. Thanks also to companies like the one at, new electrical, a kitchen countertop installation, and HVAC (learn more about HVAC here). You can also visit sites like or for additional guidance.

New sheetrock stands in place of the old peeling plaster and a stunning new master bathroom is the piece de resistance. The floors no longer sag and will soon be sanded down to uncover the patina of the antique southern yellow pine upstairs. Yes, the existing flooring was pulled up and saved while the joists were replaced. Here is a course assessment detail in case the process needs heavy equipment like an excavator, etc. Moreover, the garage door, which wasn’t opening for quite a few years now, has undergone garage door repair.

My daughter has poured her heart into that old beauty, making her a kindred soul of sorts not only with Mrs. Garrett, but also the house itself. Elise’s hard work has breathed new life into the home’s timbers. When she hands over the keys to the new owners, she’ll know she’s leaving a part of herself behind. But that’s okay. She’ll be giving someone else a chance to enjoy this graceful home and continue her story.

I’m proud of Elise for bringing back the glory of this more than century old residence. It’s given her the courage to dream about her next house restoration. If you’re looking for a house like this, you may want to check out new homes in Savannah and Pooler, GA. You may also visit sites like for more real estate options.

I’ll be sharing the home’s history and part of this journey on my blog over the next few weeks, culminating with an open house for any who’d like to see the transformation in person. This elegant beauty will once again have the opportunity to charm those who step onto the porch under her faint blue ceiling.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing this information. We live on N. Weston and have watched the outside. Hope to see the Open House, so we can see the transformation. Harriett & Dennis Dease

    • what a pleasant way to begin my Saturday morning. Loved learning the history of the lovely old home. Hats off to your piece for her hard work and willingness to keep an important piece of your towns history. Loved your writing skills. Would love to keep up with the open house and future of this stately home.

      • So glad you enjoyed the post Diane. It’s been an exciting journey bringing the house back to life. I’ll keep everyone posted on the open house. Would love to meet you!

  1. So proud of you Elise. You take after your mom when making things of beauty shine. Can’t wait to see the photos of your work.

    • Hi Polly,
      Since we’re not finished with the house yet we haven’t gotten a definite price nailed down. But we’ll definitely have the price listed at the time of the open house. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This was an awe inspiring story that I enjoyed very much. The house and I have one important thing in common we’re both getting on in years. I love your style of writing it brings me inspiration and hope, Keep up the Great Work. Love and Prayers to You and Yours

    • Thanks so much Beatrice. It means so much to have readers feedback and especially your prayers! Hope you’ll stop back again and check out the progress of the house!

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