Overcoming the Mountain of Great Expectations

Last week I was humbled to receive the award for first place in the category of devotions at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. Today I’d like to share that devotion with you and hope you’ll be blessed by it as well.

Me, celeste and cathy
Celeste, Me and Cathy with our awards 🙂

I’d also like to congratulate Cathy Baker for her award winning blog, Fragrant Ink, which can be found at www.cathybaker.org, and Celeste Vaughan for winning in the non-fiction book category. You can find out more of Celeste’s story at www.celestialprescriptions.com.

Expectation is the root of all heartache. ~ William Shakespeare

Me with Elise and her new Cabbage Patch doll
Me with Elise and her new Cabbage Patch doll

We excitedly headed toward the mountains, anticipating the delight our three year old daughter, Elise, would experience when we finally arrived at our destination; the Cabbage Patch Doll Hospital.

For weeks we’d been telling her about our upcoming trip. She couldn’t wait to go to the doll hospital, but was more thrilled about seeing those big mountains. Peering ahead through the car window, she anticipated the big reveal. When we finally started entering the base of the mountain and winding our way around the curvy roads, we announced we were now in the mountains.

Elise looked confused as she surveyed the high, sloping hills around us. After a moment of taking it all in, she declared with as much disappointment as she could muster, “Those aren’t mountains! Those are trees!”

Explaining to her that the trees were planted on top of the mountain didn’t console her. She believed we’d lied to her and was mad for a large portion of the trip.

Every time I think about this story I have to laugh. Then I realize I can be a lot like Elise. Many times my expectations don’t line up with God’s plan and I pout with disappointment. Instead of focusing on the better thing He has for me, I only see what could have been and miss the blessing.

Just because the mountains weren’t what Elise expected didn’t make them any less mountains. And when our plans end up not being what we expect, it doesn’t mean God’s fingerprints aren’t all over it. Sometimes He works in ways we’d never imagine. So next time you face disappointment rather than victory, remember, God’s got something better. There really are mountains under those trees.

mountain view

P.S. Eventually Elise ended up going to college on that very same mountain and she loves it!

When have your expectations brought disappointment?


5 thoughts on “Overcoming the Mountain of Great Expectations”

  1. Thanks Carol for sharing your devotion. Loved it and can relate on some many levels. 🙂

    I’m so proud of you and how you have worked so hard on your writing journal. Congratulations on your awards!!!!

  2. Carol, I enjoyed your post today about expectations and it falls in line with my WIP about expectations. Love your website and have signed up for your postings. I’ve included my blog link but my postings have been few and far between but you can learn a lot about my interests in writing and art. I’m in the midst of writing and my blog will have to sit for a while. It was great meeting you at BRMCWC. We have a few things in common as I took drafting while working on a Commercial Art Degree. Over and over I was amazed at the number of writers I met at conference who also have artistic talents. Congratulations on your award!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Daphne! I visited your blog and loved the post about receipts reminding us of important events in our life. I’ve never thought about that before 🙂
      I’m so glad we finally got to meet at Blue Ridge. You’re right, there are so many talented people at Blue Ridge. I’ve learned that I need to surround myself with people who are smarter and more creative than me so I can learn from them. Good luck on your writing!

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