A Prodigal Daughter: How Modeling Led to Drug Addiction and the Path Back to Jesus Part 1 with Natalie Husk

This week’s guest is a former model and drug addict, Natalie Husk. Natalie is a beautiful young woman who was invited into the modeling industry where she became addicted to drugs. In spite of growing up in a Christian home, Natalie lost her way and became a prodigal daughter. After a stint in rehab she came out ready to live a drug-free life, only to be lured back into modeling where life became so much darker and her addiction grew to include shooting up heroin. For ten years her parents did everything they knew to help deliver her from this lifestyle, to no avail. But she finally came back to Jesus and went to a drug rehab center and she is here today to share her story. If you’ve ever loved someone with an addiction, I know Natalie’s story, with the assistance of addiction help, will inspire and encourage you. There’s always hope when God is invited in.

Highlight Quotes From Natalie in This Episode

“Every time you slip into something that you know is wrong, you lose a little more respect for yourself.”

“If there ever would be evil in this world I feel like its addiction. And all from buying into the lie of beauty.”

“I thought I was beyond repair. There’s no resemblance of who I am now to what I was.”

“If the Holy Spirit lives in us and we’re doing this stuff it always causes turmoil. It always bothered me and it almost fueled me to do more drugs because I wanted to quiet that.”

“I still contribute a lot of the way I am now to my dad constantly nagging me about the Lord–even when I was not wanting to hear it.”

“There’s no such things as arriving.”

Resources and Scripture

Find help for yourself or a loved one through Focus on the Family Counseling Services

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

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