A Prodigal Daughter: How Modeling Led to Drug Addiction and the Path Back to Jesus Part 1 with Natalie Husk

Natalie Husk

This week’s guest is a former model and drug addict, Natalie Husk. Natalie is a beautiful young woman who was invited into the modeling industry where she became addicted to drugs. In spite of growing up in a Christian home, Natalie lost her way and became a prodigal daughter. After a stint in rehab she … Read more

How a Pharmacist Became a Drug Addict with Celeste Vaughan

Celeste Vaughan

Today’s guest is Celeste Vaughan. Celeste is a pharmacist who has an amazing story about how she ended up addicted to pain killers after suffering numerous seizures. She shares how she struggled with work, raising three children–including a baby–all while trying to keep her addiction hidden and under control. From the outside it looked like … Read more