As a mom of three adult children, Laura Thomas has some great ideas about how to successfully prepare for and navigate the empty nest. With the graying of divorce becoming more prominent than ever, now is the time for us to address what we want our marriage to look like after our kids have flown the nest. She talks about the importance of date night and how to start dreaming together again. Laura is all about filling the empty nest and has so much great wisdom and practical tips on this topic. Even if your kids are still very young, or have long been gone from the home, you’ll gain so much from this message.

She also shares the amazing story of how her dad became saved, which led to her entire family coming to salvation. It all started with an 18 year-old intern courageously offering advice. Then later, when her dad felt called to go to seminary and her mom wasn’t on board, the incredible miracle that convinced her mom to follow her husband toward his calling. It’s amazing how God will give you confirmation when you need it.

Highlights and Quotes from Laura

“It’s so easy to drift in our marriage…. Just to drift along when we’re busy with the kids… We’re chauffer, we’re cook, we’re whatever. We’re working, we’re doing ministry… we’re just drifting along, we’re getting carried along, almost on the current of our kids.” – Laura referring to Christine Cain’s quote, “Drifting is our default setting. All we have to do to drift is nothing.”

“If you are blessed with kids that’s fantastic, but they will never be more important than your marriage.”

“The empty nest is a new chapter for the whole family and requires a new rhythm and adjustment period.”

“Write down what you want and what you don’t want this new chapter to look like.”


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