Southern-Fried Humor with Jane Jenkins Herlong

Hey everyone and welcome to the podcast! I hope your new year is going fantastically well! Since there has been so much doom and gloom for going on two years now, I thought we’d lighten things up a bit by interviewing a wonderful lady who is a Christian speaker and comedian, Jane Jenkins Herlong. Y’all are gonna LOVE Jane. She grew up in Charleston, S.C. as a tomato farmer’s daughter and ended up being crowned Miss South Carolina. She has lots of funny stories to tell, as well as some poignant ones that will warm your heart. Jane believes that story is how we speak in the south and her roots run deep. She also believes humor is so important because it diffuses many stressful situations. I know you’re going to love my conversation with Jane.

Highlights and Quotes From Jane

“Life is short but it’s also very wide… We have the ability to do so many things and serve people.”

“The pageant world introduced me to communication skills, a sense of style… physical fitness.”

“What’s your talent? What can you do to give back to others?”

Jane’s former pageant coach said, “Pageants are won and lost in the wings of the stage, when you don’t think anybody is watching.” Now that’ll preach!

“I say, find out what you do well and exploit it and give it back to make this world a little bit [better place]. Find the best version of yourself. And the only way is to put yourself out there and understand not everybody’s gonna feel the same way you do about what you do and that’s ok.”


You can find Jane’s books, Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops, Bury Me with My Pearls and Bare Feet to High Heels at each of the links. You can also sign up for her newsletter and receive a free digital download of her book, What Ta-Ta’s Teach Us, and event information at You can also pre-order her next book, Sweet Tea Secrets from the Deep-Fried South, at the link.

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