Reconciling Relationships Between Parents and Their Adult Children with Tamera Rasmussen

Todays’ guest is Tamera Rasmussen, a board-certified licensed professional counselor, motivational speaker and podcaster. She has an incredible story of overcoming a difficult childhood that led to her career in counseling. She dropped out of school at 16, worked two jobs and homeschooled herself so she could go to college. She got engaged when she was 17 but lost her fiancé in a tragic farming accident seven days before their wedding. Later, she met her now husband, who was a widower with a baby and a toddler.

All of Tamera’s struggles, experiences and education have taught her to learn to navigate and lead others through their own difficult circumstances. She believes there’s a purpose in the pain for everyone and that God uses our suffering. Tamera also shares some strategies to help with relationships between parents of teens and young adult children as well as more serious situations we may deal with as parents. And she gives some great advice about finding the right counselor as well as how to tell if you need to find another counselor. There really is so much great stuff in this episode that will help you deal with any relationship you may be struggling with right now. She understands that relationships rupture because of unmet needs and helps us understand how to start the process of reconciling those relationships.

Quotes From Tamera

“I think all of us desire a healthy connection with our birth parents.”

“Discomfort shapes character and I think that in our world today parents are really struggling with allowing their children-at any age-to experience discomfort.”

“One thing I notice is there’s a lot of issues with parents who struggle to let their kids struggle. So, with adult children, be careful not to rescue them. Be careful not to assume that they can’t handle something. Give them opportunity to try and work it out on their own.”

“We are only as healthy as our relationships.”

“There’s a purpose in the pain for everyone. God uses our suffering.”

Resources and Scriptures

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

To find a counselor in your area check out Psychology Today‘s website

Listen to Tamera’s podcast Out of This World Relationships and check out her website at You can also find her on Instagram at Tamera.Nicole.Rasmussen and on Facebook at Tamera Rasmussen

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