Reconciling Relationships Between Parents and Their Adult Children with Tamera Rasmussen

Tamera Rasmussen

Todays’ guest is Tamera Rasmussen, a board-certified licensed professional counselor, motivational speaker and podcaster. She has an incredible story of overcoming a difficult childhood that led to her career in counseling. She dropped out of school at 16, worked two jobs and homeschooled herself so she could go to college. She got engaged when she … Read more

The Importance of Fatherhood Series: Episode Three with Representative Mark Willis

Mark Willis

Today we conclude our fatherhood series with representative Mark Willis from Fountain Inn. Mark and I have known each other since high school and I’ve always been impressed with his heart for others and love for his family. In this episode, he shares his fears about becoming a father and how now his favorite thing … Read more

Is Homeschooling the Right Fit for Your Family? with Katie J. Trent

Katie J. Trent

I’m so excited for you to hear this episode with Katie J. Trent! With school back in full swing and the stresses of COVID possibly keeping kid’s home again, I know Katie’s message will give you practical wisdom you’re searching for if you’re trying to decide whether or not homeschooling is the right fit for … Read more

How a Mountain of Debt Led Mama Buffalo to Build a Dream Company with Lindsay Jackman

Lindsay Jackman

This week’s guest, Lindsay Jackman, is someone who’s been on my bucket list for a while. Once you hear her story you’ll understand why. Lindsay has a fascinating tale of how she and her husband, Chris, began flipping houses and selling them to pay off their crushing $300,000 of student loan debt in only seven … Read more

A Legacy of Joy and Hope After Loss Part 2 with Ann Curry and Leigh Owens

Ann Curry and Leigh Owens

This week we’re welcoming back Ann Curry and Leigh Owens to continue the story of Leigh losing her mom and youngest sister at ten years old in a car accident and Ann losing her first husband when she was in her mid-twenties and how they became a family when Jimmy, Leigh’s dad, married Ann and … Read more