The Importance of Fatherhood Series: Episode Two with Cecil and Boone Stokes

Cecil and Boone Stokes

Welcome to the second episode in our fatherhood series. You are going to be so blessed by today’s guests, Cecil Stokes and his son Boone. November is National Adoption Month and Cecil’s story is unique because he adopted Boone out of foster care as a single dad. Only .03% of kids are adopted by single … Read more

Letting Go of Bitterness After an Affair Ended Her Marriage with Kirby King

Kirby King

In today’s episode Kirby King shares the difficult story of finding out about her husband’s six-month long affair when she’d been married 34 years. Kirby decided to forgive him and hold onto her marriage, but after he kept going back to his mistress time and again she knew she could no longer be the peace … Read more

Adopted, Abused and Kicked Out at 13: How One Woman Overcame Her Past to Become a Success with Peggy Bodde

Peggy Bodde

This week’s guest is Peggy Bodde. Peggy is an amazing woman who overcame childhood trauma to become a successful business leader. She was adopted as a baby by a couple who abused her throughout her entire childhood and kicked her out of the house at 13 years old. But that brought relief rather than fear … Read more

A Widow’s Journey Part 1 with Melanie Forbes Cook

Melanie Forbes Cook

Today I’m introducing you to Melanie Forbes Cook. Melanie’s story is heartbreaking but hopeful. She lost her 52 year-old husband to a heart attack just 14 months ago after almost 25 years of marriage and ministry. I know death and grief can be an uncomfortable subject to deal with, but Melanie has so much wisdom … Read more

How a Mountain of Debt Led Mama Buffalo to Build a Dream Company with Lindsay Jackman

Lindsay Jackman

This week’s guest, Lindsay Jackman, is someone who’s been on my bucket list for a while. Once you hear her story you’ll understand why. Lindsay has a fascinating tale of how she and her husband, Chris, began flipping houses and selling them to pay off their crushing $300,000 of student loan debt in only seven … Read more