How a Mountain of Debt Led Mama Buffalo to Build a Dream Company with Lindsay Jackman

This week’s guest, Lindsay Jackman, is someone who’s been on my bucket list for a while. Once you hear her story you’ll understand why. Lindsay has a fascinating tale of how she and her husband, Chris, began flipping houses and selling them to pay off their crushing $300,000 of student loan debt in only seven years. When they discovered they wouldn’t even be able to make the monthly payments, Chris came up with an idea that included sacrifice and a lot of hard work. At first Lindsay objected when he presented his plan to her, but then she saw how God could use it to release them and their future children from the slavery of debt. They also had a vision for their family that included Lindsay eventually becoming a stay at home mom. She began blogging at The White Buffalo Styling Co. and sharing her family’s story of what they were doing with each individual flip. That blog led to her being able to leave her job as a teacher and be a full-time mama, a.k.a. Mama Buffalo. Lindsay also shares how she and Chris are in the process of adopting a baby from China which wouldn’t have been possible if they still had their original debt.

I know you’ll love hearing her share how she and her husband can look back and see God’s fingerprints all over their journey to building a life that led to the freedom from debt they now enjoy and the eventual opening of their business, Buffalo Ridge Builders.

Highlights From This Episode

“This vision of these things I have given you are so much bigger and better than these four walls.” – what Lindsay felt God saying to her when she at first objected to selling their house.

“You think God is doing one thing and He’s doing a thousand. He’s both, and. For us, He was paying off debt, but He was doing so much more than that. He used that season to really show us ways that He gifted us.” – Lindsay


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Find Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Co., her website, and @ Mama_Buffalo on Instagram. You can also find her on Facebook at The White Buffalo Styling Co. If you’d like to hear more of Lindsay’s debt story you can watch her videos here.

Their new business can be found at Buffalo Ridge Builders.

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