Adopted, Abused and Kicked Out at 13: How One Woman Overcame Her Past to Become a Success with Peggy Bodde

Peggy Bodde

This week’s guest is Peggy Bodde. Peggy is an amazing woman who overcame childhood trauma to become a successful business leader. She was adopted as a baby by a couple who abused her throughout her entire childhood and kicked her out of the house at 13 years old. But that brought relief rather than fear … Read more

How a Near-Death Experience Led to Adoption with Anna Bargeron

Anna Bargeron

Today’s guest is Anna Bargeron. Anna has an incredible story about almost dying after she delivered her first child. Because her pregnancy had been uneventful, doctors were mystified by her extreme sickness after delivery. After they finally discovered the reason for her near-death experience, Anna and her husband had to make the difficult decision of … Read more