How a Near-Death Experience Led to Adoption with Anna Bargeron

Today’s guest is Anna Bargeron. Anna has an incredible story about almost dying after she delivered her first child. Because her pregnancy had been uneventful, doctors were mystified by her extreme sickness after delivery. After they finally discovered the reason for her near-death experience, Anna and her husband had to make the difficult decision of whether or not to get pregnant again or, instead, seek to adopt. Eventually they adopted a little girl, but Anna then struggled with guilt and depression. She shares how she’d never heard of an adoptive parent having the “baby blues” and didn’t understand why she couldn’t break free from it. Adoptive parents are almost never told of the difficulties they may face and Anna wants to make sure every potential adoptive parent isn’t blindsided like she was by the unexpected feelings that can come with adoption.

Anna also shares some of the resources she used to find the best adoption agency for their family, one that cares about the birth families as much as the adoptive parents. She believes that most of the time the spotlight is on the adoptive parent and how lucky the baby is. Instead, she sees the birth mother as the hero in the story. I know you’ll be appreciate listening to Anna’s touching perspective on adoption.

Highlights From This Episode

“The enemy planted the seed [of guilt], and then I’m the one who watered it with my depression and with my inability to be honest with people.” – Anna

“We wanted to make sure that when we decided to do this that it was not all about us, because it’s not all about us.” – Anna


Quiver Full Adoptions – the adoption agency Anna and TJ used in Greenville, SC

Resources on Instagram Adoptwell and Kindredandco

Betsy Tanner was the adoption attorney they used.

Anna’s teaching on fasting can be found here.

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