How to Design a Thriving Home Environment for Your Family with Kimberly Amici

When I found Kimberly Amici’s podcast, Build Your Best Family, I knew we were kindred spirits. Kimberly has such a heart for helping women develop a positive and nurturing family through her podcast, coaching and courses. She is an interior designer who helps people design environments where their families will thrive. Several years back, Kimberly realized her family’s mantra had become, “Let’s just get through this week.” (Sound familiar?) She said they were always going somewhere but weren’t going somewhere on purpose. When she realized this, she decided to embark on the journey of finding purpose for her family. Along the way she learned about creating culture, mission and vision and learned how to develop these into practices that changed her family’s lifestyle. She talks about how every family is known for something, which I’d never thought about before, and she makes you think about what you want your family to be known for and how to implement that. Kimberly understands how environment and design of our homes plays into creating the culture we’d like to have. Even if you don’t have kids at home, you can still put these principles into effect for just you, or you and your spouse. There’s a lot of great take-aways from today’s episode. I hope you’ll be inspired to make positive changes in your own family from Kimberly’s message today.

Quotes From Kimberly

“Whether I’m doing design or whether I’m working with families through the work that I do online and in my podcast, I’m helping people design environments where their families will thrive… Whether it’s a physical environment or the culture we create in our home, those environments really impact us, and they determine how we behave; whether or not we are just surviving or thriving.”

“[Your] environment can dictate how you feel.”

“The key to creating culture is when you then take those values, and you turn them into practices.”

“Every family has something they’re known for. What are the things that you want to be known for?”

“Our values helped us to say yes to what mattered and no to what didn’t. We kind of had our lane.”

“Family is the first society. It’s where you give your kids a safe place to grow.”


Find Kimberly, her podcast, courses and content at You can also find her free resource, The Family Culture Discussion Sheet there as well. Instagram: Build Your Best Family and Kimberly Amici

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