How to Become the Difference Maker You Were Created to Be with Connie Tresedder

Todays’ guest, Connie Tresedder has an enlightening teaching about how changing our thinking can change our lives-literally. Everything Connie says in this episode makes so much sense as to why we get stuck in our thoughts and in our lives. She challenges us to think about our thinking; something that sounds so simple and yet is so profound. She shares that our emotions are a direct result of our thoughts and when we change our thoughts, we change our lives She helps us understand that just because someone speaks negative words over us doesn’t make it true and explains how our thoughts can steal our peace. I know this episode with Connie will bring a spark of excitement and hope into your heart today!

Quotes From This Episode

“Just because someone speaks [negative] words over you doesn’t make it true.”

“Our emotions are a direct result of what we’ve been thinking.”

“I have to know who I am in Christ because God has plans for me to impact people. And the people that I impact, they’re gonna go out and they’re gonna impact others.”

“I’m going to have the largest impact for God’s kingdom if I stay in my lane.”

“Sometimes we have to find out what [our] purpose is for that season.”

“God can move a ship that’s moving. He can’t move a ship that’s in port.” – Christine Cain


You can find Connie at Contagious Life and Purpose where you can download her free resource, The One Thing You’re Not Doing to Bring Your Vision into Reality. Or check out her Facebook group, Leaders Living Fully and Freely as well as her Instagram at Contagious Life and Purpose.

You can find Connie’s book, Unlock Your Purpose: Become the Difference Maker You Were Created to Be here and on Amazon.

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