Learning to Love God’s Word with Erica Wiggenhorn

Erica Wiggenhorn used to be afraid to read her Bible. When she first became a Christian, she was told by her youth leader she needed to read her Bible in order to grow closer to Jesus. But whenever she tried reading it, she felt like she was reading a foreign language. So she avoided her Bible and Bible studies for years, until a friend drug her to a study. And it changed her life. Once she began realizing how powerful God’s word is her appetite for Bible reading grew exponentially. So much so that she began teaching Bible studies and how now written numerous studies, including her most recent one Unexpected Revival: Experiencing God’s Goodness Through Disappointment and Doubt, a study through the book of Ezekial. Erica says, “There is power in [the Bible]. There is power in this word. It is alive. It is active. And it does something in us when we open it.”

Erica’s heart for Jesus and others shines bright in our conversation.

Quotes and Resources from Erica

“I didn’t like reading my Bible. I didn’t want to read my Bible. It was frustrating to read the Bible.”

“I loved Jesus. I wanted to follow Him… When I opened up the pages of scripture, I felt like I was reading a foreign language.”

“There is power in this book. There is power in this word. it is alive. It is active. And it does something in us when we open it.”

“And so, I thought, ‘What would it look like to create a tool? How would my life have been different id someone would have handed me a tool that walked me verse by verse through the words of Jesus and just explained to me what in the world He was talking about?'”

“I find it really fascinating that God did not choose the religious people to start a revival… He chose people who knew about God and desired to do God’s will and to know God and understand Him. these were the people He chose.”

“God’s ways are always so backward to the ways of the world.”

“God wants us to spend time in His word because that is how God builds relationship with us. That is how we know God’s heart. That is how we get to know not just what He can do, but who He is at His core.”

“He is not a God we need to run from in shame. He is a God we need to run to for help.”

“God’s not waiting for us to get our act together so He can move in our lives. He’s waiting on us to ask, ‘Could I have a little help please?'”

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2 thoughts on “Learning to Love God’s Word with Erica Wiggenhorn”

  1. I enjoyed her testimony and I know how she felt. I read my verses on my phone everyday and that does not seem to fullfill me. I have had so much going on that I need to read my Bible more and I use to read it all the time but now feel overwhelmed that I let life over take me. I pray a lot but I am like her now. I use to read it all the time but with Eddie’s sickness and death and a lot of other things going on I am tired and I need to get more involved in my Bible. Please keep me in your Prayers.

    • I know it must be so hard to motivate yourself when you feel like half of you is missing. I’m so sorry for the grief you’ve had to go through Annette. Praying God will woo you back to His word and that it will bring you comfort and peace. Love you friend ❤️

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