Purposefooled: Why Chasing Your Dreams, Finding Your Calling and Reaching for Greatness Will Never be Enough with Kelly Needham

In a world defined by the pursuit of greatness and recognition, one woman dared to challenge the norms. Kelly Needham’s captivating journey unfolds, revealing an unexpected twist she didn’t anticipate. As she grapples with her identity and insecurities amidst her husband’s soaring success, an internal dialogue sparks, questioning the meaning of it all. She discovers how we as a society have been fooled into chasing meaning and purpose in all the wrong places, identifies the source of our hunger for the extraordinary and shows us the steps we can take today to build a purpose-filled reality without turning our lives upside-down.

Kelly Needham, an author and Bible teacher, is an inspiring personality who lives in the bustling city of Dallas, Texas. Kelly, a mother to five wonderful children, uses her experiences to motivate others to find true contentedness beyond societal expectations. Her book, ‘Purposefooled’, is a testament to her realizations and learnings about how a meaningful life is not defined by external recognition but by the individual’s internal sense of fulfillment.

“We need to know our lives matter. We need to know what we’re doing matters. Our very existence is to reflect the most important one.” – Kelly Needham

Understand the strength of overlooked roles
Typically, the roles that are most overlooked and least appreciated in our society are the ones that hold potential for immense personal growth and fulfillment. Kelly Needham’s perspective challenges the conventional view, highlighting the significance of mundane tasks in revealing our flawed perceptions of value. By embracing these overlooked roles, we can find satisfaction in our everyday lives and buck the system of external validation.

Resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Purchase Kelly Needham’s book, Purposefooled: Why Chasing Your Dreams. Finding Your Calling and Reaching for Greatness will Never Be Enough.
  • Check out Kelly Needham’s podcast, Clearly, where she and her husband discuss their journey and provide insights on various topics.
  • Get your Purposefooled Going Deeper Guide
  • Consider hiring help or seeking assistance in order to pursue your own dreams and passions. Kelly emphasizes the importance of support and acknowledges that she wouldn’t be able to write books without the help she received.
  • Reflect on the meaning and significance of your daily activities. Challenge the notion that only certain tasks or roles have value and recognize the importance of even the mundane tasks in serving others and contributing to the greater good.
  • Embrace the concept of greatness as defined by Jesus, which involves being a servant and slave to all. Seek opportunities to serve and bless others, even if it means taking on tasks that may seem less important or glamorous.
  • Recognize the value of behind-the-scenes work and those who often go unnoticed.
  • Purchase tickets and find out more about the Operation Restoration Retreat at The Cove in Asheville, N.C. November 17-19.

Listen to Purposefooled: Why Chasing Your Dreams, Finding Your Calling and Reaching for Greatness Will Never be Enough with Kelly Needham

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