Finding Your Purpose in the Empty Nest Years with Ruthie Gray

The empty nest years can feel like a season of losing our purpose, especially as a mom. When the kids leave home many of us are plunged into feelings of loss and grief, not knowing how to handle the extra time and conversations with our spouse. Ruthie Gray has been there and feels so passionately about ministering to women in this phase of life that she wrote a book, Empty Nest Awakening: Weaving the Threads of Your Passion into Purpose.

As a mother of four adult children, Ruthie has walked her own journey through the empty nest and has learned a lot about how we can grow and be filled with purpose once the kids leave home. She also addresses the pains of being in the sandwich generation as well as ideas on how to connect with your spouse when it’s just the two of you again.

Ruthie is funny and practical and has a lot of great wisdom to share. You’ll walk away from this conversation with a renewed perspective of the empty nest and be excited to forge ahead into the future God has for you.

Quotes from Ruthie

“I don’t want to leave a legacy of fear. I want to leave a legacy of courage.”

“I didn’t want my fears to hold me back from doing what I knew God was calling me to do.”

“Don’t put it off, even if you think you’re not good enough.”

“I believe that if you’re walking with the Lord God gives you certain dreams and they are joy dreams. they are the things that He has for you to fulfill and when He brings a dream on your heart for you to fulfill, there’s a purpose behind it. It’s for someone. God’s calling you to someone… and then when we do that, that’s when our joy comes.”

“We have people to care for. And in order to care for them, we have to care for ourselves.”

“What are your boundaries? Get clear on what they are. Get clear on what you need to do for your health.”

“I want my legacy to be a foundation that generations behind me can build upon instead of one they have to fight to change.” – Jamie Bailey


Check out Ruthie’s book, Empty Nest Awakening: Weaving the Threads of your Passion into Purpose, and her website at Authentic Online Marketing. Also find Ruthie on Instagram at Ruthie_Gray_Author

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