Protecting Your Marriage from an Affair with Amber Albee Swenson

In this episode my guest, Amber Albee Swenson, shares practical tips that are really simple to incorporate into your relationship with your spouse, as well as warning signs that show you might be in dangerous territory with someone outside of your marriage. Amber has lots of great wisdom including this: “There’s a woman out there who would be thrilled with your husband. So, stop being critical [of him]. Being critical is not a spiritual gift.” That’s a good word we need to frequently be reminded of.

Quotes from Amber

“I can absolutely stomp my husband down, or I can celebrate who he is and the wonderful things he does.”

“The more you find things to be grateful for the more grateful you’ll be.”

“It’s important to note that you can stop this at any point.”

“If you’re intentionally seeking attention from a person of the opposite sex notice it. Stop. Turn around. Don’t go any further. You can stop this.”

“God is absolutely for your marriage. He wants you to be in a very vibrant fulfilled marriage. So go for that!”

“Some marriages won’t make it, but a lot of them will. A big difference is in getting help.”

“Marriages where you get counseling actually have a significantly better chance of making it.”

“The kindest thing you can do is tell the truth.”

5 Things That Can Lead to an Affair:

  1. Some type of desperation from either spouse.
  2. Attention from someone else.
  3. Intentionally seeking out that person.
  4. Emotional connection that’s more than friendship.
  5. Connection – physical touch. Just one touch can lead right down the path to an affair.

Check out Amber’s website,, where you can find out about her newest book, Soul Care: Nurturing Your Spiritual Wellness as well as her podcast, Little Things

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Listen to Protecting Your Marriage from an Affair with Amber Albee Swenson