How to Pray Powerful and Effective Prayers for Your Children, No Matter How Old They Are with Jodie Berndt

Jodie Berndt

Today’s guest is someone I’m so glad to have share her story and her ministry on the podcast. Jodie Berndt is the author of the Praying the Scriptures for Your Children series and has impacted so many parents’ prayer lives–including mine! Her book, Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children, was so impactful for me … Read more

From Abuse to Abundance: God’s Faithfulness Through Divorce Part 2 with Amy Straley

Amy Straley

This week we’re sharing part two of Amy Straley’s hard story of an abusive 17 year marriage which finally ended in divorce and then her entering into the dating scene and all of the struggles that entailed, especially as she was trying to parent two teen kids. Last time we had to stop in the … Read more