The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.  ~ Psalm 45:11 (NIV)


     I was disappointed. Due to a misunderstanding, we weren’t allowed in to our scheduled tour of the Supreme Court. Since the bus had already pulled away, we were at a loss until someone pointed out The Library of Congress and suggested we take that tour instead.

     Oh, brother, I moaned to myself, how exciting could that be?
     I love books and libraries more than most people, but this was my first trip to our nation’s capitol. I didn’t want to spend it in a dusty old library. As we entered the nondescript hallway, I wasn’t the least bit curious.
     The drab hallway opened into a magnificent Great Hall of marble. Soaring arched ceilings were supported by grand columns and covered in elaborate murals. I gasped. I’d never seen anything like this. The only thing comparable would have been the luxurious castles in Europe, but this wasn’t stuffy or cold. It was awe inspiring. The paintings, sculptures and architecture were incredible.
     Beautiful quotes and scriptures adorned almost every wall. My heart almost burst as I tried to take it in. Every room was spectacular – my senses came alive. I dared not miss anything.
     The climax of our tour was the Main Reading Room. As I stared at the bronze figures surrounding the balcony, I recognized several names – most notably Moses and Paul. In the heart of this magnificent library were two great men of the Bible. I stood in awe. Our founding fathers knew where to look for instruction and duty. It filled me with hope knowing our government was not derived from the musings of man, but the unshakable Word of God.
      I was grateful for the artists, architects and builders who brought this work of art to fruition. This awesome legacy was left not only to their families, but our nation’s children as well.
     As I left the building, I had a fresh perspective. From the outside, it looked stately, not unlike many buildings in Washington. I thought of my own Christian faith, viewed similar to that building by many, seeming dry and dusty. Our perspective changes once we accept Jesus. We see the beauty that abides within Him and long to absorb it all. I can never view my faith as dull because I know the Architect. Through His great love we are recognized as His masterpiece. Amazingly, God considers us more beautiful than any work of art in the Library of Congress. Do others see us as dry and dusty, or His divine inspiration?