The God Who Sees

                     Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father 
               of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  ~  James 1:17     

     God showed up for me today. Not in a major rock your world type of miracle, but in a little thing I was disappointed about yesterday.   

     I know many of you ladies will understand my predicament. Several weeks ago I purchased a few items from a clothing store and received $30 in City Cash to use between a certain few days in November. However, these particular days happened to fall when I was out of town, had a sick child and an important doctor’s appointment. Yesterday was the last day I could use the reward. As I left the doctor’s office I had a choice to make – I could go into Greenville 20 minutes away at 4:00 in the afternoon to use the coupon or I could head the other direction toward the grocery store and make sure my family had something decent to eat for supper. I chose the latter. I was disappointed I hadn’t been able to use the “free money”, but knew my family would agree my time was better spent at the grocery store.

     I had forgotten all about it this morning as I was reading a chapter out of the The Pastor Driven Wife by Paula Russell and co-written by my friend Kim Aldrich. I was almost jealous as I read how God had worked in a particular situation during a Christmas party for inner city kids where Paula served. God provided a very specific need no one in the ministry was even aware of. Because that need was met through a loving group of people, God was glorified. All parties involved knew His hand had to have orchestrated the circumstances.

     As I reflected on all of the previous ways God had shown up in this woman’s life through the experiences she shared in the book, I realized how sporadic my prayer life has become. The reason Paula had seen God show up so much was because she had become dependent on Him. I’ve been wandering around aimlessly these last few weeks because I’ve been confused over the direction I’m supposed to go. But I also haven’t taken the time to say much more than a quick hello to God in the mornings – if that. How can God show up in my life when I’m not even paying attention?

     I immediately felt led to spend some time in prayer. At the close of my sweet time of prayer, I boldly asked God to show up in my life as He had for Paula.

     Lest you think I’ve never seen God’s hand at work in my life, I have. I’ve seen Him in many different, and even miraculous, ways. But I haven’t been experiencing Him like I used to. I know it’s my own fault. I’m the one who hasn’t been growing our relationship and today I realized how much I miss Him.

     A while later, as I was about to leave for a hair appointment in Greenville, I checked my e-mail. Lo and behold there was a message from the previously mentioned clothing store declaring they had extended their redemption of City Cash one more day! Since I was headed to Greenville I could stop on the way home and use it.

     I know this may seem a little shallow for a Christian woman to be sharing, but when I read that e-mail I knew it was a personal note from God saying He sees me and cares about even the smallest detail of my life. I’d made the right choice denying my wants yesterday and putting my family first and He honored that.  I wish I could say I prioritize well all the time, but I don’t.

     Things won’t always work out that well. Many times we make sacrifices and feel as if God doesn’t care. But He sees every sacrifice we make. He’s not a genie in a bottle, but He is our loving Father who cares enough to reveal Himself to us today and every day. Today it was through a coupon, who knows what it will be tomorrow.

How has God been revealing Himself to you lately? 

PS – Thanks, Kim, for sharing this wonderful and inspirational book with me!

9 thoughts on “The God Who Sees”

  1. When our Father blesses me in the smallest of details (especially when it means something to me but no one else) I fall in love with Him all over again. Oh, the love He lavishes on His children. He does care about the details of our lives!

    Great post, Carol. 🙂

  2. Love your transparency sweet friend, and how gracious our loving Father is to meet our needs, and sometimes our wants! Keep looking to Him. I hate to miss even one day in His presence, which in actuality, is aways there if we but reach out to Him.

    Love ~ Danie

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