How a Stepfather’s Prayer Redeemed an Entire Family with Pamela Henkelman

Pamela Henkelman has an amazing story of redemption that began when her stepdad shot her mom, the bullet grazing her heart.  Her mom survived and, as a result of the shooting, her entire family came to salvation in Christ. She shares how her family reconciled and how she and her stepdad even had a great relationship after that. Pamela also talks about how, when she was pregnant with her third child, her doctors advised her to abort her baby due to the threat of a disability and what happened when she didn’t heed their advice. And she talks about her husband’s health crisis that lasted two and-a-half years and how she saw her prayers answered. I know you’ll be amazed by her story.

Highlights and Quotes From Pamela

“My stepdad said he prayed and told God, ‘If you save her [his wife], I will serve you for the rest of my life.’ “

“He [God} just started working on everyone’s heart… There’s nothing God can’t restore if we are willing.”

“I spent my whole life working hard to do good and be good, so no one would know how horrible my family was. Because I felt such shame from my family story, from being a daughter of an alcoholic.”

“I believe you create a culture in your family where everyone is honored and valued and loved and forgiven and able to make mistakes and have a lot of fun together.”

“Counselors help you deal with your past, but coaches help you move forward.” – Pamela referencing her experience as a life coach

“I feel that vulnerability with God is so important. We do not have to hide… and so many women are fearful to bring their honest selves before God. And the truth is, He already knows… Vulnerability is actually a door to intimacy.”

“Let God fight for you. Let’s be moldable, let’s be pliable, let’s let God use what He wants to. Just partner with Him.”

“If God seems far away, go back to where you left Him.” – Jeanie Mayo

Resources and Scriptures

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. – Exodus 14:14

Check out Pamela’s website at where you can find her free five day devotional, Draw Near Beloved: Five Encouragements to Increase Your Intimacy with God as well as her course by the same name.

You can find her on Facebook at Pamela Henkelman and on Instagram at PHenkelman.

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