Real Tips for Parenting Teens with Kelda Poynot

Okay moms of teens… listen up! You’ve asked for real tips to help parent your teenagers so this week’s guest, Kelda Poynot, is here to share her wisdom. Kelda’s got lots of practical tips to help navigate through what often can be a tumultuous time for us and our children. Although Kelda has a master’s degree in elementary counseling, she ended up working more with teens over the years and has learned how to build strong relationships with them, as well as her own four children who are now adults.

This interview is a good bit longer than my other episodes, but when Kelda and I were about to wrap up and I asked her for any resources that helped her in raising her own teens, we got into how personality tests can help us better understand our teens. She had so much great wisdom and insight to share that I had to include it in the interview. I hope you’ll take advantage of some of the great suggestions she shares here to help build stronger relationships with your own children. If you feel like you’ll never get through to them, listen up and put some of her tips into practice in your own home.

Quotes From This Episode

“If we don’t teach our children how to manage a home, they’re gonna move back in with us.” – Dave Ramsey

“Being very honest and speaking truth to our children from a very early age is important.” – Kelda

“If they were significant to our children… they needed to be significant to us. That doesn’t mean we adopt them fully, but we want them to feel connected in our family.” – Kelda referring to her teen’s friends and dating.

“Our kids are going to make choices that we don’t agree with. They’re gonna go places that we would rather them not go to. That’s the truth of things.” – Kelda

“I believe wholeheartedly that we are called to pray specific prayers for our children.” – Kelda

“Parenting is not convenient.” – Kelda

Resources and Scripture

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. – 3 John 4

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

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