This Episode Is All About You: Bonus Episode with Temperament Coach Sandy Myers

Hey friend! I’m so glad you’re here for this bonus episode with Sandy Myers! If you missed last week’s interview with her, I hope you’ll go back and listen because she has a great testimony that includes being a child of divorce, struggling with singleness until she was 30 and then having to deal with infertility for years after she married. But today’s episode is all about you! Sandy is a temperament coach who understands how important it is for us to become aware of the way we’re wired so we can learn to rise up in our own strengths instead of sinking in our weaknesses. She believes self-awareness and emotional intelligence can really bring clarity into your life. Sandy’s life was radically changed when she learned the different facets of her own temperament, so much so that she became a temperament coach. She has such a passion for helping others discover their temperament because it also gives insight into your personal life and is a great foundation for personal development areas. There’s so much good stuff in here that Sandy graciously shares. My prayer is that this episode will not only help you understand yourself and your needs better, but also those in your family. It’s a great tool to give insight into how you handle stresses and pressures of life based on your unique set of needs. She also shares in this episode the nine words that can change your life. I hope you come away from this interview ready to make progress in your life and your family.


You can book a session with Sandy through her Instagram account at SandyMyers08

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