Influencing the Next Generation of Girls with Erin Weidemann

Today I’m welcoming Erin Weidemann to the podcast. Let me tell you how much I love Erin! She is a bundle of energy and is on fire for God and reaching girls for Him. Erin has an incredible story of beating cancer five times, each time the cancer came back within nine to twelve months. She started her cancer journey as a 26-year-old atheist, but through the process she found the goodness of Jesus Christ. She’s now been cancer free for ten years!

But there’s even more to Erin’s story. She started teaching middle school girls in her church over ten years ago and was looking for resources that had stories about women in the Bible and couldn’t find any. When she asked 20 of these girls if they could name any women in the Bible and none of them could do it, she knew she needed to do something. So, she and her husband took a huge risk, quit both of their jobs and created a fantastic resource for girls called The Bible Belle series. She started out writing one book about Hannah in the Old Testament and now God has exploded their ministry to include 13 books for girls ages four to twelve. You won’t believe all of the things God has done to help grow their business, especially the amazing gift from a random stranger when they were first starting. Even though it wasn’t easy, and they took such a huge risk, Erin says, “I was determined to make these books happen. God healed me. He’d taken us on this journey. He gave us an idea… I don’t want to get to the end of my life and have a really awkward conversation with Jesus where He says, ‘Hey, you know that idea I gave you and you did nothing with it?’ So, she spent three years writing the first book and sold $17,000 in books the first year it was released. I could go on and on about Erin and all we talked about, but you’ll just have to listen. If you’ve ever felt the call of God on your life to do something for Him, this episode will give you the courage you need to step out in faith and do it!

Quotes From Erin in This Episode

“Girls need access to the stories of women like never before. And that’s why Bible Belles exist.”

“Bible Belles does not exist without Amy Parker, a stranger who I just met in person last year.”

“All we are called to do is be faithful to what He said to do… let go of your ideas and how successful it’s going to be.”

“God can blast doors open but you’ve got to give Him space to work.”


Check out The Bible Belle Series here. They have devotional books, coloring books and mother/daughter journals as well as other great resources.

Truth Becomes Her is for moms and mentor adult women who want to pour into the next generation of women but need leadership training. You can check that out here.

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

The Passion of the Christ movie

God’s Promises for Girls by Amy Parker

Listen to this week’s episode Influencing the Next Generation of Girls with Erin Weidemann