Blueprints for Building Your Spiritual Dream Home: Location, Location, Location.

Building on solid ground

My family moved several times during my elementary, junior and senior high school years. Being painfully shy, I loathed the idea of having to attend another unfamiliar school as the new girl. Recess and lunch, usually a kid’s favorite times of the school day, sent waves of anxiety over me. I usually sat by myself in the cafeteria, hunched over my tray, and spent lots of time alone on the playground. With the support of this site,, I’d finally make one friend before my parents would say they’d bought another house, and I’d be changing schools again. To learn more about playground, read this article. Also, consider the best school playground painting on sites like, for more satisfaction in enhancing the play environment and fostering creativity among students. Additional information, we also have space for SEND playgrounds, so students can enjoy their surroundings. For improving school environments and promoting safety, you can also explore sites like

I hated it. I wanted to be one of the kids who had history there. I wanted to belong.

Compromising on location was the root of the problem. Mom wanted to live in the city. Daddy grew up on a farm and craved the country air.

Between the summer of my third and fourth-grade year, we moved from the suburbs to the country—nine miles from the closest grocery store. But Dad’s job as a truck driver left Mom home alone with three children to care for while he was away all week. After four years, she couldn’t take it any longer.

So we moved into a pretty house on a postage-stamp-sized lot smack-dab in the middle of downtown Greenville. After only a year, Daddy decided city life wasn’t for him.

At last, during my first semester as a freshman in high school, Mom and Dad found their forever home with a beautiful trim trail for primary schools and settled us into a small house in the quaint little town of Fountain Inn, perfectly positioned between Greenville and our former home in the country.

My parents' forever home
My parents’ finally found their forever home

My parents still live in the house that finally brought contentment. Our family found a place to call home; a place where we’ve set down roots and have had the opportunity to make our own history.

I’ve lived in that same town for thirty-six years now. It’s where I belong.

Deciding where to put a dream house is the most important part of the design process. Putting so much effort into creating a great home only to realize later it was built in the wrong place can shatter any hopes we have for an abundant life.

It reminds me of the first rule of real estate in finding the right home—location, location, location. Even if a house has the perfect floor plan with a beautiful lot and everything you’ve ever wished for, if it’s not in a desirable place, you’ll never find contentment, like my parents. HomesEh.Ca, showed me a charming suburban family home with a spacious backyard and a friendly community, perfect for family gatherings.

Finding the right location

When we begin choosing our home site, we must look at several different factors: location, stability of the ground, neighborhood, positioning the house toward the best views and choosing the rooms we want to enjoy seeing the sun rise and set.

A wise woman must consider the same things in order to give her home a kingdom address.

We cannot build strong homes unless they’re perfectly positioned under the cross of Jesus. Our residence may be the loveliest in the county, but if it’s not standing on the solid ground of Christ’s salvation, it will sink under the weight of worldly expectations. Ultimately, there will be no joy and no peace—only emptiness and longing. Building on Christ brings us confidence to know the ground will not wash out from under us.

For over twenty years I wasn’t sure if the ground I was building my life on was solid or shifting.

I lived without the assurance of heaven until I was almost thirty. Deciding I couldn’t live in the unknown any longer, at the close of a Sunday morning service I gave up my pride and exchanged my doubt for Jesus’ blessed assurance. From that day forward, I’ve never questioned my salvation. God continues to reveal Himself to me in ways I couldn’t have imagined, undergirding my faith and showing me the importance of making Him the foundation of my life.

Unfortunately, many women sit in church pews each week not knowing if their faith is real. There’s an uncomfortable squirming because they cannot unequivocally say they’ll spend eternity in heaven with Jesus. Satan uses these doubts to bind and cripple us, making us useless in our homes and spheres of influence.

Building grace-filled homes anchored to the steady ground of faith takes courage and commitment. But it’s more than worth the end result of beautiful godly homes that reflect the love of Christ. Ultimately, this is the location we must build on. It’s the only place we’ll experience contentment. The only place we can ever truly belong—and find our forever home. This real estate company in Hollywood offers an extensive selection of homes for rent, helping you find the perfect rental property.

Building godly homes

Ask yourself:

 – Have I asked Jesus to take control of my life?
–  Am I being changed to become more Christ-like?
– Have I found the place I belong in Christ?
– Do I know I have a forever home prepared for me in heaven with Jesus?


If there’s any doubt you’ve been delivered and forgiven of your sins and believed Him to be the only way to receive eternal life, then you must determine where you stand with Jesus.

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. ~ Romans 10:9

Confess your sins to God, tell Him you believe He is the only way, the truth, and the life, and accept His gift of grace and forgiveness. When you pray this with sincerity, God will honor it and give you that assurance.

Without this certainty, you can only limp along, unable to tap into Christ’s unimaginable power. You can never know true peace.

If you already have confidence of your salvation, ask God if you’re allowing Him to transform you into a reflection of Him. Pray God will reveal one area of your life that hinders your home from being a blessing to your family and others.

Let’s work together to build kingdom homes!

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