So What’s Going on With the Garrett House? Another Sneak Peek…

Now that the dumpster is gone we have freshly laid sod and new landscaping

Many of you have been asking for updates on the open house. So what’s going on with the Garrett house?

In a word, construction. As you can see, we did a little landscaping project. Next time, we’re also adding in outdoor furniture and backyard fountains. If you want to purchase a property that needs minimum to no renovations, you may consider looking at canary wharf flats to rent.

Construction is a messy business but the new deck and railing add a great outdoor feature.

Even though my husband, John, and I have built two of our own homes, doing a large scale renovation is a whole new ballgame so we hired a deck builder and a few other construction contractors. Consider ordering brazilian ipe wood Georgia materials for your new deck. John warned me not to announce the open house date for the Garrett house and, thankfully–albeit frustratingly (is that even a word?)–I listened. I’m a planner and like to know what’s going on and when it’s going to happen. But contractors don’t always work on your schedule, open house date or not. So here we are almost a month later than our original date and we’ve still got a ways to go. But I will say that so far it’s worked out for the best. As for dealing with furnace problems, there are contractors that might help you with your problem. If you’re in need of specialized services, such as industrial cladding painters, you can find professionals to assist you. Roofing contractors can help with any repairs that a property needs especially if it has been neglected for a while, you may click here for a roofing quote. Search for flat roofing installers near me if you need help installing a new roof. HVAC units in old properties may also require furnace repair services.

We still have to paint the haint blue ceiling

Isn’t it funny how God sometimes does that for us? The original weekend we’d scheduled the open house I ended up having an unexpected surgery.

So we thought this weekend would be the big day. The stars seemed perfectly aligned for a successful open house. But I ended up in the emergency room last Thursday with a severe kidney infection. All. Day. Long. With strict instructions to take it easy for several days.

I didn’t have a choice. I could barely get off the couch for two days.

The new door hardware is going on, along with the new paint color.

So this week I’m still trying to recover. But whenever I feel a little spunky and  think I can go back to my normal crazy life, my body flatly refuses.

God saved me from a complete disaster. Trying to get the house ready to show while lying on my couch? I’m sorry but it can’t be done.

And then the rain came. Just when we’re getting ready to start working on the outside of the house.

New flagstone ready to be installed for the side entrance

Now we’re shooting for the middle to end of May. But I can’t say for sure, because only God knows what’s going to be happening during that time. At this point I’m agreeing with my husband and thinking we won’t announce the date until two weeks before–max.

The new sun room windows are now complete

All this to say I hope all of you readers will join us when we finally do have our grand open house. There will be donuts from The Ice Cream Fountain in town. (If you haven’t had them yet, I suggest you go as soon as possible to try one. They give Krispy Kreme a run for their money!).

In the meantime I’ll be updating you from time to time with our progress. Elise is still working hard to make sure all the details are taken care of (and believe me, there are a LOT of them). Then all hands will be on deck to help stage for the open house. We can’t wait to show you the big reveal! In the meantime, enjoy some of the most recent pictures.

The new front door. An unexpected addition but we love it!

4 thoughts on “So What’s Going on With the Garrett House? Another Sneak Peek…”

    • Hi Pat,
      The barn is staying as is except for a little cleaning up. We had someone who works in town say they’d heard we were going to tear it down but that’s not true. It’s a great old building that would be a fun place to host gatherings ? Thanks for your question!

  1. I love that you are renovating the Garrett house. It looks great so far. My Mom’s house is an old Victorian house that looks great on the outside, but needs to be completely renovated on the inside. I hope whoever buys it will “modernize” it like you all did to the Garrett house.

    • I hope so too, Sharon. I hate it when someone takes a beautiful old house and does a sub par job renovating it. In reality it only hurts the value of the house. I hope your mom’s house is bought by someone who has a vision to restore it to its true beauty!

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