Building a Family Through Adoption with Stacey Chapman

This week I’m excited to welcome Stacey Chapman to the podcast! Stacey and her husband Erick, have an amazing story of adopting three children and, when they thought their family was complete, felt God leading them to adopt one more. Their story begins with the heartbreak of infertility and several miscarriages that led them to the beautiful children they now call their own. She shares a realistic look at adoption and all of the fears and hardships they had to face along their journey as well as how counseling helped them learn new skills they needed to be the best parents. I know you’ll love Stacey and her authentic story of building her family through adoption.

Highlights from the Episode

“If you’re considering adoption, I would not let finances be a big factor in it. We had three adoptions in three years and paid them all off by the time our youngest was eight months old.– We would take out a loan to buy a car, why not take out a loan to adopt a child?” Stacey shared this when asked what she would advise to someone considering adoption.

“Don’t make this a Lifetime drama.” – Stacey and Ericks’s lawyer said this to Stacey when her imagination went out of control with crazy adoption scenarios. Love this! I’m going to remember that quote for myself.

“Infertility is just hard–but I think it’s healthy to share that struggle.”

“Adoption has been one of the sweetest things that has happened for us.”

Listen here to this week’s episode Building a Family Through Adoption with Stacey Chapman