How an International Move to Mexico Led to an International Adoption in China with Cindy Marlar

Cindy Marlar

This week I’m thrilled to introduce you to one of my sweet friends, Cindy Marlar. Cindy has an incredible story of struggling with infertility and numerous miscarriages then finally giving birth to two daughters less than two years apart. Then when they thought their family was complete, she unexpectedly got pregnant again. This time she … Read more

Forgiveness After an Affair with Jemelene Wilson

“Forgiveness is making the choice not to serve up an offense to the other person or yourself.” That’s a quote from today’s guest, Jemelene Wilson. Jemelene shares how her husband had an emotional affair with an old high school sweetheart who found him on I need to warn you, if you have little ears … Read more

Building a Family Through Adoption with Stacey Chapman

Erick and Stacey Chapman and family

This week I’m excited to welcome Stacey Chapman to the podcast! Stacey and her husband Erick, have an amazing story of adopting three children and, when they thought their family was complete, felt God leading them to adopt one more. Their story begins with the heartbreak of infertility and several miscarriages that led them to … Read more