Finding Freedom from a Poverty Mindset with Kimberly Long

Kimberly Long thought she was destined to be poor. It was a sweet surprise to find out she could control her financial future. Unknowingly, she had allowed fear to reign, keeping her in constant stress–until she discovered seven basic principles. Too many people give in to their hopeless situation, not knowing they hold the keys to abundant living. If you have given in to financial hopelessness–STOP. No one is destined to continue under the burden of financial stress or remain in the pit of debt. We are financially destroyed for lack of knowledge. But through God’s promises there is hope. I pray this episode will help you step out of any poverty mentality mindset you may have to attain financial freedom through smart investments such as buying NFT and selling them later.

Scripture & Quotes from Kimberly

“I am so thankful that we can mess up… like I did so many times, and still be in plan A… When we repent and turn back to God, then we’re back in plan A.”

“I just couldn’t believe how much God loved me and I just loved Him back.”

“If a person has an addiction or substance abuse, there is always unforgiveness at the root… It’s an unmet need. It’s this lack of believing that God is good and everything He does is right. If we can get over that belief inside us that God is always good and everything He does is right, then we will not have to… feel a need to control.”

“Anytime you’re saying, ‘just in case’, that is the fear that you are not going to be taken care of and you’ve got to take care of yourself.”

“I was not a giver. I was not taught how to give. I was not shown how to give.”

“Fear is the root of all poverty.”

“I am going to invest where my hope is.”

“The best investing that gets a return is to give.”

“Anytime we’ve had lack in our life, it tends to make us want to hold on, to make sure we’re taken care of… Anytime we’re doing that, we relinquish our freedom, we relinquish our peace.”

Two things I ask of you, Lord; do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies from me; give me neither poverty nor riches but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you and say, “Who is the Lord?” or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God. – Proverbs 30:7-9

Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. – 1 Timothy 6:9

One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. – Proverbs 11:24


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Welcome back to the podcast. I’m so glad you’re here. I don’t tell you enough how much it means that you take the time to listen to these episodes. It means a lot. I pray that every person listening will receive encouragement and hope from each episode. I also want to say before we begin that I know as we’ve just entered the holiday season, that it’s not always a joyous time.

Some of you listening are going through a hard season. It may be from strained finances, difficult relationships, or the loss of a loved one. I want to acknowledge you right now. It’s easy to overlook those who are hurting while we’re in the midst of celebrations and festivities in our family. This will be our third Christmas without my dad, and it’s like a large hole in my mom’s home.

When we go there to celebrate Christmas, we don’t sit around and grieve openly, but there’s an underlying grief in all of us that will always be there. I’m sure it’s the same for many of you who are listening. So I want to read a Scripture of Hope over you today. Psalm 1 26, 5 through six says, those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.

Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to so will return with songs of joy carrying sheaves with them. As I was studying this verse, I did a little bit of research to see exactly what it means, and I found this quote from John Piper that I think says it best. So here’s the lesson. When there are simple, straightforward jobs to be done and you are full of sadness and tears are flowing easily, go ahead and do the job with tears.

Be realistic. Say to your tears, tears, I feel you. You make me wanna quit life. But there is a feel to be sewn, dishes to be washed. And now in this Christmas season, trees to be decorated. Gifts to be wrapped. I know you will wet my face several times today, but I have work to do and you will just have to go with me.

I intend to take the bag of seeds and sow. If you come along, then you will just have to wet the rows. Listener. I know that some days it’s really hard to put one foot in front of the other and keep going, but God promises to bring joy back to our life if we will just keep moving forward, and that’s the word.

I want to speak over you today. May you have a blessed Christmas. Before we get started, let me remind you about our sponsor Confidence Coffee Supply, which is great coffee that supports several great causes. Alex and Candace Cook started this company to help poor indigenous communities and plant churches in Latin America.

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Also, if your church provides coffee to its members each week, this would be a great way to support Alex and Candace’s ministry. And if you’d like to personally support Alex and Candace, you can go to confidence coffee and click on Partner with us to donate. Kimberly Long thought she was destined to be poor.

It was a sweet surprise to find out she could control her financial future. Kimberly is my guest today and she realized that too many people give into their hopeless situation not knowing they hold the keys to abundant living. If you have given in to financial hopelessness, stop, no one is destined to continue under the burden of financial stress or remain in the pit of debt.

We are financially destroyed for lack of knowledge, but through God’s promises, there is hope. Kimberly talks in this episode how we can take control of our financial futures today and learn how to let your faith determine your financial destiny. Take control of your fears, become a powerful giver and provider.

Break the cycle of debt and overcome obstacles one step at a time. There is so much good wisdom in this episode, and Kimberly is a wonderfully authentic person that I know you’ll enjoy hearing her story of how she came out of the poverty mindset to build a successful business. Hey friends. Welcome to the Building Strong Homes, one story at a Time podcast.

I’m your host, Carol Roper. Home is one of the most influential places in our lives, and building Godly homes is a way for us to make a real difference in our upside down culture now and for generations to come. Mother Teresa’s quote says, at best, If you wanna change the world, go home and love your family.

Join me each week as I interview guests and tell stories of those who’ve navigated challenges and found success in their own homes. Allow these stories to inspire and equip you with the tools you need to keep building strong. Let’s get started.

Hey, listeners, I have a real treat for you today. I am interviewing Kimberly Long, and Kimberly and I met 10 years ago at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference, and then we both went a few months later to the Christian Communicators Conference where we really got to know each other a little bit better, along with Laan, who’s been on the podcast before too.

And so I will never forget some of the things that Kimberly was talking about. And recently, God just started bringing all this to mind and really laid it on my heart to interview Kimberly Kimberly’s, the first person I’ve ever heard talk about having a poverty mindset and how it can affect your life and change your life for worse.

And so, Kimberly, would you introduce yourself please? Hey there, Carol. So happy to be here with you today. Kimberly is my name. Yes. I just, uh, wanted to say first of all, thank you for the sweet spirit that you have. I just have always enjoyed being around you, so thank you, Dito. Yeah. I own my own company.

It’s a window treatment company. I started it about four years ago and anything to do with home building in my area anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s all over. The country has exploded. And so even though I just started my company in 2019, it really took off in 2020 covid year and then just grew almost double the next year.

Last year. And this year I’m seeing that it’s already doubled again. So I am overwhelmed with business. I’ve hired two new girls recently. I have three installers, and it’s just plugging right along. It’s doing really good. I’m so thankful. So thankful for, wow, that is so incredible. Yeah. So you didn’t start out thinking that you would ever be the owner of a business at all, I’m sure.

So can you tell me about your life when you were growing up? Well, we weren’t raised in poverty so much as in a poverty mindset mentality. Okay. So explain that to us. Well, I can give you a good example of it, maybe. Um, okay. There’s lots of examples. And then of course I learned my own poverty mentality also all on my own

But in one of the examples is that my mom, she was really known for the garage, was just packed full of stuff. There were magazines, piles of magazines, piles of newspapers, and just hoards of other stuff that she collected and kept and, and just could not let go of. It was so bad that we couldn’t even make a path through the garage after a while.

Wow. And just, you know, couldn’t even walk through the garage, so it was so full. You know, later on in life, I learned that it stemmed from her being raised in foster homes and in a girl’s home. In the girl’s home. I remember the story she told me many times. They took away all of her earthly possessions except for three dresses and one pair of shoes.

Oh my God. So I cannot imagine, especially the day that all the girls in this day in time would be freaking out being, oh yeah, . That’s exactly right. So you know, when a person goes through something like that, it absolutely affects them. Even if they have money, it will affect them with that same poverty mentality.

And more things are caught than taught. And I absolutely caught that holding on and making sure that I would not go without, just didn’t understand the power of giving or the power of letting go, and the power of faith. Well, I was not raised in a Christian home, so didn’t understand faith at all, and was never taught that.

Mm. Yeah. So I know you said you had a little bit of a difficult relationship with your mom, right? Uh, we can have emotional poverty mindset just as much as a financial poverty mindset. And you know, when you’re raised, like she was in foster homes and abused in many ways, and a girl’s home with no love, she had a lot of anger.

She did not have the love that she needed growing up. And so whenever she raised me, she had not been healed. And because of that, she had a lot of anger and I reminded her of her husband, her ex-husband, my dad, and I was a lot like his personality. So that anger was, a lot of times it came out on me and not my sisters.

Mm-hmm. . And so I thought, I really thought growing up, Carol, that my mom hated me and I hated her. Yeah, that’s where my heart was. Wow. Until God got ahold of it. So I think I forgot to mention, Kimberly had written a book too, that I forgot to mention called Financial Hope, take Control of Your Destiny. And it, it is all about the poverty mindset.

But in the book you talk about how you had gotten married really young, and part of that was because you wanted to get outta the house and then you kinda jumped from the frying pan into the fire because then you really were not in the greatest situation there. So can you share like a little bit of that journey of how you ended up getting married and how all that transpired?

You know, I didn’t think that I could make it on my own. That was part of that poverty mentality. I didn’t have the confidence to think that a woman could make it without a man. I had seen in my own home that my mom was very dependent, codependent on her husband, my stepdad. And so watching that, uh, made me feel like no way, I, my only ticket out would be to get married.

And so I met this man in the bar again before Christ , met him in a bar, and three days later said yes to Mary.

Anybody who would’ve asked me that would’ve been my husband, you know? And that sad. And two months later was married to him. You’re right, right into another frying pan. But about 10 years later, I ended up, I was reading The Hiding Place by Corey 10. Boom. Yeah. And you know this, if you know the story, uh, they were hiding the Jews, they weren’t Jews, but they were hiding Jews.

They got caught and they went to the Nazi camp also Corey and her sister Betsy and and other, their other family. And a lot of their family, their friends were, went to the gas chambers. It was just a horrendous story. But Corey and Betsy made it out. But at the end of being in that prison camp, I’m reading in this book where Betsy tells her sister Corey, she says, when we get outta here, we’re going to have a healing ministry and we’re gonna help.

To get healed in Corey’s like, oh yeah, that’s right. But then she says, these soldiers will need healing also. They had so much hatred in her heart, and Corey’s got, she was livid. She said, what? The men who made us kneel for hours, that shaved our heads when we had lights instead of curing. That made us strip down naked and took away our dignity.

What are you saying? No way. And Betsy said, well, they need it more than anybody else because they have so much hatred. Wow. And so ugliness in their heart, they need it more than anybody. And at that point in the book, I just. Wow. You know, when somebody’s raised with so much hurt and so much, they have so much in their life and they have that much hatred and anger, they pour out on somebody.

They need God’s love and healing more. And so I went to bed. God dealt with me during that moment in, in that book. And oh, God was dealing with me in such a strong way. And there was a scripture that he gave me, and I’m sorry I cannot remember it right now, but I do remember this. I will never forget this.

I woke up the next morning and this was the day where you had, uh, radio alarms where you Oh yeah. You remember that? Yep. Yep. wasn’t the phone, it was a radio alarm. So you said it the station you wanted and it was a Christian station. And I woke up to a song that was this exact scripture that I just went to sleep with in that book.

Oh wow. And the Lord said, it’s time. And that was in 1992. It’s time to completely forgive your mom. And so I did. And what an amazing thing that was. And a freedom that, that has always been since. Wow. That is so cool. I’m so glad you shared that. And I never had heard that part of Corey, Tim Boones, that her sister had told her that.

I think that’s such a cool story, but only Corey was the one that made it out because her sister died just like a few days. It’s been so long since I read that. Right, right. Yeah. Then they made the hiding place into a movie, so it’s the most important in movie. Yeah, I ha actually I’ve never seen the movie and I’ve never read the book, but my best friend named her one of her daughters Corey, after Corey Tim Boom and spelled it the same way and everything.

So, but the thing that’s so cool about that is that, you know, we all look to Corey Tim Boom because she’s the one that everybody knows, but the influence was her sister that was able to open her eyes and help her to see that. So I love that you shared that. I’m so glad you did. But I wanna go back cuz this is one story I will never forget.

Probably as long as I lived was when you married that guy that you had met in the bar. Can you share about your wedding night? I couldn’t believe it when you shared this . Oh, that’s funny. Uh, yeah, that, that would be an unforgettable story. . So, well, the first night we did go to a hotel buddy was the next night.

Okay. So following that, that we ended up going to his parents’ house, which I had never been to. Of course, in two months you don’t have a lot of time to meet the family. Wow. And I actually never had met them until the wedding day. So they went home, we stayed a night, then we followed on and went and met them in at their home in Missouri, having no idea about this man.

You know, he told me, That when they were younger, that their house had caught on fire. They lived under a tent for months while him and his brothers and dad rebuilt their house. And, uh, I, I had no idea what this was gonna look like. So we get there and the master bedroom that his parents were in, they had not completed the house because the guest room right next to their bedroom did not have a wall yet.

It had a sheet, a nice, beautiful sheet. So that was gonna help. Yeah. Oh, and another help that they really felt that was necessary, that they turned on for all evening long once we all went to bed, was a scanner. Oh, scanner. And a sheet to protect from the Honeymooners next door. next to the sheet. Were you horrified?

You know what? I have about two words to explain what I was like back then. Young and dumb . That, that’s it. I did not think much about it. I just, I don’t know why. Perspective, you know, it’s amazing. I my how we grow. I know. I just thought that was, I mean really that right there to me says poverty mindset too.

You know, that you can’t do any better than, you know. Absolutely. A sheet . Well, got to finish that out after it’d been, I said, well, when did this happen? You know? I thought it just had happened last month. Know? It had been years. They lived like that. Oh. Oh my gosh. Poverty mentality. Definitely. Wow. Yeah. So how long were you and this guy Married?

Three and a half years. Okay. So, I mean, it lasted a little while. A little while. Yep. There was abuse there and so ended up having to leave. Definitely. So how bad was the abuse? Well, the 10th time that he hit me, it hurt so bad I couldn’t chew my food without it hurting. And, uh, matter of fact, I said right before he hit me that time, I said, if he hits me again, I’m gonna hit him back.

And so I did punch him in the chest after he hit me in the jaw, and then I made plans and packed my stuff when he wasn’t there. That way it was safe to leave, didn’t have money, didn’t take money with me again, didn’t know to plan mm-hmm. and ended up in poverty in a really bad way because I didn’t have my parents’ help.

Ended up going back home. Me and my mom still were not getting along at that point, and so she kicked me. And I was actually homeless for a day and God just did a miracle and Yeah. Share about that. I’d forgotten about that. Okay. So I’d had my daughter by then, she was a toddler and we were living at home and, and I was about to go to a conference, I was a youth leader at the time and was going to a conference outta town.

And when my mom kicked me out, I thought, well, at least I’ve got somewhere to stay for a few days at this conference. And she kept my daughter so I didn’t have to worry about her. She said, don’t worry, I won’t ever kick your daughter out. And my granddaughter. And so I thought when I get back, I guess I’ll just deal with this issue of not having a home.

And I had a boyfriend at the time and whenever I got back from the conference he had, I think it was $35, he said, that’s all I’ve got. So he gave that to me for one night’s hotel. Wow. Stayed in the hotel and I had time to think and I thought, what am I gonna do? Lord, I don’t have anywhere to go tomorrow.

I’ve got my car. I guess I can sleep in it. But what ended up happening? I had just been filled up with God’s word and his spirit, and I thought, you know, I’m going to do what the word tells me. It says, don’t think about your own needs. I think it says, but think of and prefer others before yourself. Mm-hmm.

And I thought, you know, whenever we were having a youth rally with all the different churches, I remember some pastors in town that were discouraged because they don’t have very many people coming to their church. And I think I’m just gonna go over and I’m gonna pray for them today. And so I got up with that plan.

I went to their home and I’m talking to ’em, encouraging ’em, and I’m praying for them. And at the end, they said right before I was about to leave, they said, well, where do you live? And I thought, what a funny question to ask. And I said, Money that you ask. I said, I don’t have a home actually to live. And I just got kicked out of my mom’s and they said, oh, our daughter-in-law is just, she’s just fixed up a place and it’s a, it’s a mobile home and it’s, but I think it’d be perfect for you.

Let me call her. They called her up. She said, yes, it’s ready. I said, but I don’t have any money. Yeah, , this is a problem. Yeah, yeah. Or down payment, deposit or anything. And she said, let, let me talk to her. And they were, you know, they were all Christians and she talked to her and I said, I, I’ll do whatever I need to do to help, like labor or something for, you know, to pay for that down payment.

They had a garage attached to that mobile home with a breezeway, and they said, if you’ll paint the garage, that’ll be your deposit and you can move in today. Wow. And so I was only homeless for that day. Wow. And that just shows that when we really do believe God’s word, Lord, you tell me if I take care of others, then you will take care of me.

And miraculously, look what he did. Miraculous. So we kind of skipped right over. One very important thing you’re going from, you know, the partying and the beer and the bars to becoming a youth minister. Right? So what happened in between all that? How did you meet Jesus? Well, whenever I was 18 years old, I began to question if there is a God, and I had been taken to church on a bus by some friends, and I only went because there was chocolate milk and donuts,

That sounds good. Yeah. It’ll get a teenager to go. Yeah. So I went few times to church that way, and so I had some seed planted in me, but about 18 years old, God began to really deal with me. I said, God, if that’s really you, then let somebody ask me to church. And they did that week. And when I heard the gospel, I just cried and cried.

I cannot believe that somebody would do something like that for me. Give their own life for me, and take my place for my sins and give me life, and give me, you know, the promise of heaven. So I just gave my life to the Lord completely. I was baptized and I had a miracle happen at my baptism. I heard thunder that nobody else heard, and so God just really put a stamp of approval.

I think I needed extra things like that. Carol? Mm-hmm. , because I had come from such a, you know, people say how, you know, what denomination were you raised? Well, my answer was always he then a, he, yeah. nothing about God. And so he knew I just needed some extra things to help me to see that he really accepted me.

He loved. And he was for me, and it was amazing the things that he will do for us. It’ll just be aware that it’s him doing it right. So I got saved then and uh, got filled with the spirit about 20 years old and the power of God. And that made a huge difference in my life to walk this walk because I was at 18 trying to walk the walk and like I said, still the bars, not that I didn’t love God, I was reading his word even, but I was just looking for love in all the wrong places.

Mm. Yeah. And unfortunately I found something that wasn’t love, but a ticket outta the home. Mm-hmm. . And it’s so amazing how God allows us to go through all these things. And I wanna say something to your listeners here. If you think, well, I’ve messed up. I messed up here, there, here and there. I mean, if that were true and that we could not ever be back in plan A than, I guess none of us would ever have God’s will in our life.

But I am so thankful that we can mess up and we can royally mess up like I did so many times and deal B and plan A. Mm-hmm. of God drop back. And it took longer for me to get here. And I always say I’m a late bloomer. Mm-hmm. . But I’m telling you, it’s always that when we repent and we turn back toward God, that we’re back in plan A.

Yeah. That’s. There is no plan B with God. It’s all plan A, you know, , so, exactly. Yeah. I love that. I think, thank you for sharing that. How did you become a youth minister? I just was faithful and so I became the worship leader, the youth minister. I became an adult teacher immediately. I spent hours studying God’s word and hours and prayer when I first became a Christian.

Mm-hmm. , I just couldn’t believe how much God loved me and I just loved him back. I just thought, this is so amazing, and I was out in the boondocks of Missouri too. You gotta remember like there was, I would pray and pray, God please send me a friend. I’m so lonely, poor friend. Please send me a best friend.

I don’t wanna talk about my things to the family cuz they love you Jesus. But they talk, you know ? Yeah. Oh yeah. So I didn’t wanna tell them anything. Please send me a friend. Well, all of a sudden, one day I heard him say, Excuse me. . , I’m sure you’ve been talking to all this time. Good to know you and loving you

It’s like, oh, well that’s cool that you recognize that. Yeah. So when did you realize that you had a poverty mindset? Oh boy. Good question. I don’t know when I really realized it. You know, when you’re in something your whole life, I don’t know that you really can realize that maybe, I guess the beginning of my journey to come out of poverty mentality, maybe that’s probably when I realized it the most.

Mm-hmm. . Um, that was probably, I was single by now and I was doing hair. I was a barber and a hairdresser, and I remember struggling to start my business because again, I’m, I don’t have help from family. I don’t have any kind of help like that. I got grants and loans to go through school and I’m out now and I’m doing hair and I’m, I’m just barely making it.

And I remember reading in the word, uh, one day that the diligent would be made fat, and you look up that word fat and it says, have plenty. Mm-hmm. and I thought, That hurts my feelings. God, , I kinda thought I was a diligent person, you know? But I don’t have plenty. So, uh, gosh. Okay, let me think about this.

And I, as I began to reminisce about my day in and day out, I thought, you know, what do I do between hair appointments that are so sparse? I’m sitting in my barber’s chair reading a book. and everybody around me is busy running crazy because you’re trying to build your clientele right? At this point I’m still trying to build Yeah, they, they’ve been there a while, so they’re busy.

Yeah. And I’m reading a book and instead of helping them sweep the hair of their clients while they’re going crazy, washing their heads of hair for ’em, painting, you know, the color that’s on the cabinet’s, folding towels, that’s just a, you know, something that should have been done all. And I thought, okay, I get it.

And so I started doing that and it was amazing. In just a few weeks, the turnaround of business that I started having was so crazy that I didn’t have time to help him anymore. Wow. And now my business had started just booming, just all of a sudden. So God took that scripture and said, Hey, my word works.

You know? Mm-hmm. like, oh, it does, it works. . Yeah. I mean, I love that, that I think so many times when we’re in situations, we can take on the victim mentality. I grew up this way, you know, this is how my parents were, there’s nothing better for me. And yet when we change our mindset, and like you said, you started thinking, you know, if I pay attention to what the scripture says and if I’m, instead of just sitting here actually going out and doing something and not only doing something, you’re doing something to help others.

And that to me just shows how much God can change us and transform. I mean, that’s what the word says, you know, that he transforms us if. Clinging to him, cling to his word that he will t renew our minds. And I feel like that’s what he did with you. He renewed your mind, he renewed your perspective on how you were looking at things, how you were looking at life.

And I love that one thing that you said in your book is, don’t be surprised if you also become healthier in many ways while transforming your soul. So can you talk about that just a little bit? Yeah. You know, I think I base that off of the scripture that says that God’s will or wish is above all, that we prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers.

So when our soul begins to prosper, then our health will be affected. , and this has been proven of course scientifically now by many times over. But not only that, financially, if you look at that word, I wish above all things that you be in health and prosper. That word prosperous, talking about financially.

Mm-hmm. . And so even as our sole prosperous, it’s amazing how when our mentality changes and we start becoming more like Christ. And he didn’t come to be serve but to serve right? And he’s the giver of givers, you know? And when we become like that and we begin to be healthy and more whole in our soul, then our finances will change and our health will actually change.

But sometimes it does affect all areas of life. Yeah, because I mean, I’m sure even like you talking about your mom, that that can cause a bitterness to just eat a weight inside of you and that can affect your health, you know, mentally and spiritually and even physically eventually. I think it has that impact and so I think that’s why it’s so important, you know, like you were able to forgive your mom.

That’s so important to forgive others and, and that does transform your help. I mean, I agree 100%. I just went to a training last night to become a small group leader, and in our church, I’m so thankful for their training. One thing that I learned that if a person has any kind of addiction or substance abuse, there is always unforgiveness at the root of that.

Oh, really? I didn’t know that. I never heard that before. It’s an unmet need that it’s this lack of believing that God is good and everything that he does is right. Everything he decides to do is right. If we can ever get that belief inside of us that God is always good to me personally, and everything he decides to do is right, then we will never have to try to get back at or try to make things right ourself.

We will not have to feel a need to control. Yeah, and that is mainly outta control, the abuse. I’m so glad you shared that. That just gave me chills. I mean, I have never heard that before. That is such an important thing. To be made known that people need to understand that, you know, forbid that is so important.

And I think it’s really cool that you started off the podcast asking me about that because my life would not be anything close to what it is today. Had I not, Carol, you know, had I not forgiven my mom? Yeah. And had you forgive my ex-husband and on and on and on, you know, it just, yeah, it just keeps going, that forgiveness.

But when you watch somebody and you grow up with it and you see it with your own eyes, you see the fruit of it, you see the unhappiness, the misery, the, the hurt that it causes so many people. It, I don’t know how it doesn’t make a person say, I’m gonna do everything I can to keep from being like that. And maybe some people do try to determine that, but without God’s help, there is no way.

Mm-hmm. , there is no. The only way I can continue to forgive people that hurt me is just to remember how much that Jesus forgives me. Continu. Like I tell my friends, they’ll say, wow, you, you forgive so easily. And I’ll say, well, in about seven minutes I’m gonna need some more grace. So that’s the truth. It doesn’t come easy, that’s for sure.

so, you know, you talk about the prosperity, but I, I want to address, you know, a lot in today’s society, we talk about prosperity gospel and how you know that I think there’s a lot of confusion. because I think for so long, Christians felt like we have to live in poverty. You know, if we have any abundance at all, then that is against God’s will for us.

And that’s not something that, you know, he wants for us. But of course, you’ve already shared some scriptures where that’s not true. But we do have to be careful about only hearing about, oh, the good things. Because we as Christians, God says, you know, we are gonna suffer regardless. You know, if you’re a great strong Christian, or if you don’t know Jesus at all, we’re all gonna suffer regardless.

But can you speak to the prosperity gospel versus the truth of what the scripture. Well, it’s kind of like, uh, you don’t wanna be hyperglycemic and you don’t wanna be hypoglycemic Yeah. In that word. Right. Glycemic, you know, we want that even balance where we’re healthy. Mm-hmm. . And it’s the same way with the gospel.

And there’s a, I just really am so put off by the, I call it hyper faith gospel because it does really hurt people to say, yeah, if you just have faith and you just claim something that you can have this, there is a point of yes speaking things out of our mouth. So there’s that balance of yes, we really need to proclaim some things, but to say it when God didn’t say it.

There’s a scripture that I love that it’s in, uh, in the Old Testament, I think it’s in Isaiah, and it says, who is he that says, and it comes to. When the Lord commanded it, not. Mm. So unless God commands it and puts it in my spirit to say it, then it doesn’t matter how much I say it, it’s not gonna come to pass.

Mm. And so we just have to be very aware. We have to be spirit led. In other words, that’s really what it boils down to. God wants us to believe for some great things. I mean, there’s, I have had so many miracles, actually wrote a little miracle book for my grandkids. Oh. Of seven major miracles in my life so far.

That’s so cool. Left a space in the back for them to write their own miracles. I love that. That cover the book, it says The greatest miracle of all is salvation. And I talk about that, but yeah. Well, there’s a proverb, I think it’s in Proverbs 30 or 31 that said, the man says, don’t let me have riches and don’t let me have poverty.

And so he asked for neither one. He didn’t wanna get off track with riches. And he said, I might deny God. And if he had poverty, he said, I might steal. Mm-hmm. . So God wants us to have that balance. And it’s not that he’s against giving us riches because it’s he that gives power to have wealth. And if we get wealth and we get rich, was God wrong?

He’s the one that gives us power too. So he’s not wrong, of course, and that means it’s not wrong for us to have wealth. It’s all in the motive and the desire, because he that desires to be rich, will fall into many trials and temptations. It says, mm, so crap, uh, to desire that. But I have goals. You know, I have these goals and here’s the thing.

My goals right now, here’s how far I’ve come. But at the same time, I will say I still deal with poverty mentality. Mm-hmm. , I think it all will till we go to heaven. Right, right, right. So I was just recently, because I’ve just started prospering for the first time in my life financially, I started thinking, oh well I need to start investing and saving.

Well, I had already started saving. I need to start investing. So the thought. To me, well, you know, you’re gonna probably get remarried someday and you can just depend on his retirement and you don’t have to worry about that. And I thought, no, that’s poverty mentality. That’s codependency, right. I’m not, that’s what got you into the first marriage.

Exactly. And so I really had to fight that and push it away and go, no. And it’s still back there nagging at me going, you know, you could be taking that money and spending it instead of putting it in an investment. And you know, I’m just like, no, that’s not gonna happen. I’m gonna be dependent on God. And that’s why I have goals and I’ve set these pretty crazy goals right now.

But I have gone from, I’ll just say this, I’ve gone from having zero equity and zero anything just four years ago before I started this business, to now add a half a million dollars. Wow. God did that. You know, scripture, this is the Lord’s doings and it’s marvelous in our eyes. Wow. And who can do that? I can’t, not by myself, but he is taken that, and I have grown this business in partnership with him.

And that’s what the Lord says. So I have lofty goals, I have desires, and you know, I have a certain amount that I want to get to, and that’s not wrong, but to, to have a prosperity gospel, that hyper faith thing mm-hmm. , uh, is kinda like an entitlement attitude to me. Yes. That’s a good point. That’s what it feels like.

Whenever I hear what you talk that way. Well, let’s talk too. Gosh, there’s so much, so much I wanna talk to you about. You share in the book that if our riches will be used for eternal purposes, then absolutely we should be the ones to have those riches. And I love that because, so we’ve gone through the prosperity Gospel and we know that God’s not just saying, oh, come to me and I’m just gonna, you know, lavish you with all this money.

But some he does allow to earn more money. And if they do have that money, then God asked us to be good stewards with that money and also to take that money and invest it in others who need it. And I loved it in your book where you were sharing how. We can make a difference in our community, in our nation, in our world, if we’ll take the money and reinvest it, because who would you rather have the money?

This evil self-serving person or this person who cares about others and wants to invest it into their lives and spread the gospel of Jesus that way? And I love how you talk about that in your book. Was there anything in particular that brought that to mind to. Well, you kind of provoked a thought in me that whenever I was going through, you know, I was a barber and I was just really struggling financially and, and have struggled for years financially before I wrote this book, and it all of a sudden it dawned on me that because I kept saying, I’m paying my ti Lord, and you said you would open up the windows of heaven.

You had a blessing where there’s not room enough to receive. Is there just a little crack in heaven that you’ve opened? Because I am not getting. Abundance that I’m hearing in this word here. And I kept questioning, Lord, I believe your word, but I don’t understand, so I must not have understanding. It must be me because your word’s always true.

And it didn’t dawn on me until I, like I said, when I started writing the book, I wrote it on all the different aspects of finances. And I wrote, you know, a chapter on diligence. Another one on knowing your value and putting value on your value. Another one on integrity, so important, that to me is a doorway to success.

Whether we should desire to be rich or not, becoming a distribution center that is that above and beyond hiding, you know, which is giving. And I didn’t understand about the giving part. I was tithing faithfully, but I gave very little, because again, that’s that. Oh, I gotta hold onto it just in case. Yeah.

Anytime you’re sitting with, just in case, that is that fear that you’re not gonna be taken care of and you’ve gotta take care of yourself. Right. And so I was not a giver. I was not taught how to give, I was not shown how to give and I did not know how to give. So becoming a distribution center where God just uses you as a vessel for it to flow through, you know, not to get stuck in that warehouse, but to get out of that warehouse and, and get into the hands of others.

Stewardship, investing and in saving. So all of these areas together. I finally realized later in life that when all of those things are in place, then things start spinning and really falling into that currency that God intended it. It’s like a river. We float the river in the summer here in Keville, Texas, and it’s amazing when you get in that current, where there’s a flow, it’s so fun because you don’t have to paddle and you know, use your ARD streak and you just, you’re sitting there and then you go through a rapid and that’s fun, and then you get the flow again.

But when you get out of the flow and you get over against the bank, sometimes you are just. Stuck there for a while. Yeah. And that’s where I was financially. I was over at that bank thinking, well this ain’t fun. What’s going on? I’m paying my tides and God’s going by your, you know, you’re not doing much.

Anything else? ? Well, I mean that’s a really, a really good thing because one thing that I think is so important that you said in your book is, remember, fear is the root of all poverty. And that of the whole book, that statement stood out to me more than any other because wow. You know, fear is what keeps us stuck in this poverty mindset.

And another section of your book that you talk about, cause I’m going through all of this and really listeners, you just need to buy the book so you can get through all this, but, so I’m just trying to hit as much of it as I can. But the one that really convicted me was when you talked about hoarding, the hoarding mindset and.

I just have never thought about hoarding being a poverty mindset. And I was sharing with Kimberly before we started recording that my mother and father-in-law passed away in 2017 and 2020. And so of course we had, they were both only children and my mother-in-law was very sentimental person and kept so much, so much and going through all of it, you know, we got rid of so much and yet we still have a whole pod and I have several boxes in my garage that we still have yet to go through and I just don’t wanna.

They meant a lot to her and it’s hard to let that go because it was special to her. And even my son, he’s very sentimental as well. And he bought the house and they had to gut the house cuz they bought it. And they of course, you know, it was a 1960s ranch and he wanted to, they wanted to change it, but he started going through trying to get it cleaned out so they could start gutting the house.

And he finally said, mom, I felt so bad, but I just had to start throwing things away because I didn’t know why it was important to granny. You know, why did she keep this stuff? And you can’t figure it all out, you know, it’s so much. And then just in my own life, so maybe you can help me with this. So I have several places in my house where I’m like, I really need to clean out.

And actually I have done several, but I’m looking in my office right now and I have so many books I love to read and I have so many books that I still haven’t read, but I’ll buy ’em, you know? But I don’t wanna get rid of ’em because I mostly read nonfiction and so I’m underlining and if I need to refer back, but I’m like, You know, I don’t have anywhere to put all this stuff, but I never thought about that being a poverty mindset.

And so can you speak to that? Like how did you come to that conclusion that that’s a poverty mindset? And speak to that to help me help any other listeners. I don’t know if I’d get rid of any of your books. . I love . So let’s, let’s not, let’s put that one on the side. Okay. Alright. talk about the rest of the house, but, uh, no, I think probably the first understanding I had of it was whenever, uh, again, I was single at the time and I thought I need to have a garage cell.

And God was dealing with me. He had already dealt with me about the diligence. Now he gave me the scripture that says he that withholds more than is necessary, tends to poverty. And I said, again, this hurts my feelings cuz I tend to have poverty. . Yeah. I must be holding on more than is necessary. Oh. So it.

Okay to hold onto if it’s not more than necessary. See, okay. Yeah. Yeah. There. Right there. And I thought, oh my goodness, I’ve gotta get rid of stuff, so I’m gonna have a garage sale. And at the time, that’s what my way of getting rid of stuff was. So I had this garage sale, and before I had it, the Lord said, no, I really want you to get rid of this.

Not just have a garage sale, have two thirds of it left, have another one another year, and then have gained another third by the. So I, by faith, put it, you had to get things in the bulletin by Wednesday to get it in the bulletin on Sunday Uhhuh. So by Wednesday I had to make my decision and I had to not reig on it because you couldn’t once it’s in the bulletin, right?

I had this statement that said everything that didn’t sell on Saturday is for free. Come and get it. Wow. And have address. And I had plenty of Walmart sack. And so that day after Saturday, I didn’t sell that much. And I had, I had so much that people were asking me, well, is this a three and four family sale?

And it wasn’t even a whole family. I say it’s a whole family year, but it was just a single meet, you know? Right. I’m like, no. And I duck my head down and say, no, it’s just me. And that’s how much stuff I had. Well, here they come on Sunday and I’m telling you, I had white knuckles and I would walk up and down those tables going, what?

What should I put in a sack and hide before they get you? What No. Wanna hold onto just in case. Just in case that’s the words you need to check in your spirit, what you’re saying. Am I saying just in case now there are very few things that Yes. Just in case we need to use ’em later, tools or whatever. I understand.

But more than it’s necessary. And I finally just let go and said, you know what? I’ve gotta let this go. This is a poverty mentality. Mm-hmm. . And so I just bagged up, bagged up, and then I put everything else in boxes and gave it to organization in town. It wasn’t about a week later, I got a check in the mail for $1,200 out of nowhere.

Wow. And I found out. Spirit say, now go buy something new for yourself. Oh my gosh. Wow. Yeah. A quick lesson. It’s like God teaches me. He gives me the word and he says, step out in faith. And then if I do it, he quickly rewards me to show me, yes, that was me. And yes, I honor my word and he that for anybody who will step out in faith.

It’s not after the fact. It’s not now that I’m prospering, that I’ve learned this, it’s, I had to do these things before to learn it. That that’s the princip of God’s word. And what he does for one, he’ll do for another. Carol. Mm-hmm. , he has no respect. I’m not his only favorite. Right. Yeah. His favorites

Right. That’s exactly right. Well, one thing too that I wanna talk about a little bit is, in your book you also say that we need to create a battle plan so that we’ll be prepared for what we’ll do before we’re faced with the circumstances. And I know you kind of came up with your own battle plan when you were trying to work your way into, you know, having enough to provide for you and your daughter.

And so can you talk about that a little bit? Yeah. It’s kind of the same as if I wait until I wake up in the morning to say, I think I’m gonna go and exercise. Whether it’s, you know, jogging, I’ve got a rowing machine upstairs and or if it’s gonna go mountain biking and whatever it is that we do. If we wait until we get up that morning.

I have tried this. I think, no, you know what? I’ll just wait until lunch. And then at lunch I’ll say, oh, you know what? I think I’ll do it after work. And then it never happens. Never. Yeah. And remember what it is about that. But if I say to myself before I go to bed, you know what? No matter what. Tomorrow morning I’m gonna do this or this, whichever the weather permits, I’m gonna either go outside and mount bike, or I’m gonna go upstairs and do my rowing machine.

Mm. And if I tell myself that I will more than likely accomplish that because I’ve made a plan. And one of my favorite sayings is, fail the plan. Play NFL that way. Right. Yeah. I agree so much. And you know, so many times, especially if you’re trying to like dig yourself outta debt and it just looks hopeless.

I mean, you have to make a decision, okay, I’m not gonna even go to the Dollar store and you know, buy frivolous things that I don’t really need. Or I’m not gonna go to Burger King every day and buy my lunch, I’m gonna pack a sandwich or whatever. And I think it’s little, little things add up along the way, you know?

I mean, it’s just like when you go into battle, you have to know what your strategy is. You’ve gotta have a strategy. And I think that is an important way for us to be able to help ourselves get out of these situations. And I know Dave Ramsey, you know, he’s the big financial guru guy, and I know, which I’m like, oh, I was really torn about this.

But he was talking about a lady, she was a mom, I think she was a single mom, and he was sharing with the audience that he had told her, okay, if you wanna get outta debt, you’ve gotta like, no going out to eat, no fast food, whatever. And I really, my heart just went out to this lady, but she had had a really hard, hard day.

I can’t remember everything that happened. She picked her kids up and she was just exhausted. I don’t even think she had anything there to cook again, that could be a whole planning thing. But the kids were like, please, can we go to McDonald’s or whatever? And so she did, and I guess she used her debit card.

Well, it ended up that she ended up having to pay an overdraft $35 overdraft fee, which she didn’t have that. And he was like really hard on her, but I’m like, oh, I can understand where she’s coming from. You know, I’ve been in that situation. But he said, no, you have to make up your mind that if you want out of this, you could have just gone home and made them a PII sandwich or a peanut butter sandwich and say eventually this is gonna get better.

But right now this is what we’re gonna have to do. And it’s hard. It’s hard to make those decisions, but if you don’t ever make them, you’re sure not gonna do it. Yeah, yeah, that’s right. So you’ve gotta plan. So as we’re kinda wrapping up here, there’s still a lot I wanted to talk about, but we just are not gonna be able to talk about it, all of it.

But I do wanna touch on, you have these PMs things at the end of your book, so can you tell us what the PMs stands for and give us like four or five different ones that you could share with us? Sure. Thank you. I just wanna have a disclaimer here that this is a very sarcastic of my book and, and this

Yeah. The title of it is You might have PMs If, and I note PMs is Poverty Mentality syndrome. Mm. Yeah. I love that. My quirky way of just taking something that’s hard sometimes to hear, stepping on toes, but kind of making it fun, so. Mm-hmm. , I will, I’ll tell a few of ’em. I was trying to find the one about the credit cards because you were just now talking about that, and so maybe I’ll find that one too, but, Okay.

You might have PMs if you wash out disposable cups, utensils and zip top bags to reuse them. They’re called disposable for a reason. Go on, use your good time if you’re gonna wash anyway. , you might have PMs if you have a narrow path and can barely walk through your garage. But all those just in case items can’t be found when you also need, when you really need them.

Yeah. , let’s see. You might have PMs. You quickly borrow money or charge when you get into bind. Why grow your faith when you can charge? Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah. , you might have PMs if you have a crammed full junk room that can drop a jaw for anyone who peaks in. Matter of fact, you would keep it locked if you had one on the door, but you can’t afford a lock because you spent your money on all the stuff in the room.

Yeah, that’s good. And you might have PMs if you have already spent your bonus before it cleared the bank. You praise God for overdraft protection. Sometimes equal fervor as you do for your own salvation . One of them too that I remember that I, I mean I have never ever thought about this, but you said that if you’re scraping last bit of toilet paper off the toilet paper and every time now I get to the end of my toilet paper, I’m like, oh gosh, maybe I, you know, don’t need that last little square off of there

I just think it was hilarious. The thing that you shared and use your last tissue from the toilet paper roll glue and all be on what’s in the glue before you wipe. That’s right. Yeah. Cause I knew there was something about the glue in there too, so I thought, I thought that was really good. But one thing I forgot to mention, and I really wanted to get this in, you talk about how some people, their financial plan basically is to win the lottery.

I thought that was. Really insightful the way that you presented that. And can you talk about that a little bit? Cause I mean, I know like last week it was like billion dollars or something was what the lottery had gotten. I don’t know if anybody’s won it yet or not, but I mean, a lot of times we think, wow, what could I do with that?

Man, I could just take care of all my troubles whenever have to worry about anything ever again. And yet so many lottery winners end up right back where they started. True. And it makes me really sad when I see somebody buying a lottery ticket. I’m probably gonna step on some toes here. Yeah. But I am gonna put my, I’m going to invest where my hope is at.

And so I have some kind of faith in the stock market that I am investing right now into. I have faith that in a matter of so many years that even though might fall, it will rise back again. Mm-hmm. , I have faith in that because I have seen statistics, you know, and, and it’s been proven well, how many people have won the lottery and ended up really miserable.

Number one number. Spent it all very quickly and end up back in poverty again. So I’m not so sure that that’s, you know, a good place to put our hope in whenever. To me, the best investing for that gets a return is to give. There is, yeah. No other investing. Of course, we do need to take care of our own. We need to put the oxygen mask on first, of course.

And so we invest like we’re supposed to, to take care of our person. A lot of people think that it’s God, first, family, second, others. It is not. It is God first. It is personhood. Second. Mm-hmm. . You have to take care of your personhood if you wanna be able to serve others. I have to invest. If I want to get to a place in five years from now and 10 years from now, when I retire, am I gonna be begging people to take care of me?

No’s Oh yeah. Be able to take care of myself. So I invest, I take care of my personhood, and then I invest in others. And I loved, there’s one big thing that came out of Covid for me that was a good silver lining on around the cloud, the dark clouds. And that was that we weren’t going to church anywhere. We were staying home.

So I had switched churches and I was going to a home church, is what I was doing at that time. Well, we were not having church in those homes for a while because of the safety reasons. And so I didn’t have anywhere to pay. . And during that time it was so cool because I would say, okay, Lord, who do you want me to give to now?

And I had all these girlfriends in my life and I knew one of ’em owned her own business as a personal trainer, and she was struggling. I knew another one that was, you know, every month God would put somebody else new on my heart to be able to give my tie to. And it was so exciting and I got so pumped up about giving during that year.

That is just, it has gone on to the point where I told the Lord, I said, I’m gonna give 5% above my 10% in giving always. And if I give more than that, that’s great, but I want that chunk of money just to be able to give, because I’m gonna give my ti to my, my church once I belong again, which I do now.

Right. And that’s an obedience. We’re supposed to bring it to the storehouse. So I have this chunk of money still to give to people and I got to give it to another single lady just last month that was moving and didn’t have the down payment. And so it is so fun. It is so freeing. It is so exciting. It’s an exciting life to listen to the Lord that.

I feel like we’re blessed, you know, and sometimes when you give, it’s kinda like at Christmas, you know, when you give your kids gifts at Christmas, you don’t really care that much about what you get. But what you can’t wait is to give them. Those gifts that you’ve thought about that know that they’re gonna be so excited about.

And that just blesses your heart. And I feel like when you give, and I love that you said that, that you give 5% above your ti for that. And that’s a wonderful thing. That’s a wonderful thing to implement because God’s gonna, if we’re going out and stepping out in faith and going above and beyond what that tithe is to help somebody else in need, God’s gonna bless us.

He’s gonna provide for us because he knows that we’re providing for others through that money. And I love that. But I did want to, going back to the lottery thing, cuz I knew there was something else in here that I wanted to point out and I had forgotten what it was, so I had to look it up. But it says in Proverbs 28 19, it says, who, who works will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty.

And you said 25%. And this was 10 years ago, so it could be different now of this Great Nation’s plan for financial independence is the lottery and what is your retirement plan? 25% of the people responded winning the lottery 25%. That is a lot of people that they’re not gonna get out of their situation if that’s what they’re depending on.

Get this podcast to them. . Yeah, I know. If only I knew who those people were, but . But that was very, when I read that, I’m like 25%. What’s that? Lack time. We’ve had lack in our life. Just think about all the people that went through the Depression. They are the one you’ll see washing out the disposable kinds.

Yep, you’re right. Yeah. Anytime we’ve had lack in our life, it tends to make us to wanna hold onto, make sure we’re taken care of. Oh my goodness, I’ve gotta take care of myself, I’ve gotta take control. And anytime we’re doing that, then we relinquish our freedom, we relinquish our peace. Right now I’m in the process of hiring somebody.

I lost a girl. She moved outta state. She was amazing personal assistant. And I have these girls coming to me and I’ve got a girl in church applying for right now. And I, I keep telling these girls that come along that I really like and I say, oh, I’d love to have you work for me. And they say, well, I’ve got this other job I’m looking at also.

And I, I always have to relinquish it and say, you know what? If you decide that that is the better job for you than, guess what? God has something good for me too. Right? It’s not, you’re not gonna hurt me. It’s not gonna hurt my life for you to follow God. God’s got that best for you and he’s got the best for me.

And if we all could have that attitude, Just think how we would go out and serve emotionally even to others and not have that poverty mentality that, no, I’ve gotta, I I’m gonna have conversation. I’m gonna, I wanna be heard, I wanna do all the talking. You know how it is when we get with our friends mm-hmm.

I have friends like that, that they wanna be heard more than anything else. And I’m thinking, wow, what is your great need that’s not being fulfilled in your life? Because that is absolutely a poverty mentality. To not relinquish and say, I have come to serve, not to be served. Wow. That is so, so good. Well, we have come to the end of our time and I hate, there’s several things that we’re not gonna be able to get to, but I just really appreciate you taking the time to share this.

And I just wanna ask is, if you had one last word to say to anybody out there that’s listening that might really be struggling with the poverty mentality, what would you say to them? I just see where God’s brought me and it’s not impossible. It’s not too much. It’s, it’s just one step at a time. Just trusting God, trusting his word, his word absolutely does transform us.

I’m a living testimony of that. Some people that just know me now might say, wow, she’s got a long ways to go. , . But they only knew where I came from and they looked here. She’s come a long way, baby , right? I say a person who is struggling that if they’re still there, if you’re still in that situation where you’re still struggling financially, first of all, not all things are, because we’re in disobedience.

Sometimes we’re just going through a trial of our faith, so I wanna encourage that part of it. But if it continues on, it continues to. You know, a lifestyle, then it’s no longer a crisis or a trial. And then we have to ask God, Lord, where can I be more conformed to your will, to your ways? God just wants happiness and blessings for us.

If he gets onto us. He’s so gentle and sweet about it, isn’t he? Mm-hmm. . I love the Holy Spirit, how gentle but powerful he is. But I would just say, just know that it is possible, one step at a time to come out of poverty, break off poverty mentality, and to know God just wants our very best just to be assured of.

That is so good. And as you were talking, I know Kimberly, I was so sick for like five weeks and you had recorded a prayer and you had prayed over me and that meant so, so much. And if somebody was struggling with this poverty mindset, and maybe right now they’re like, I don’t even know where the money’s gonna come for next month’s rent or the pay the power bill, or whatever it may be.

Would you pray over the listeners, especially those that are struggling right now with the poverty mindset and whichever one of the areas that we’ve talked about or that you’ve covered in your book, would you mind praying for us right now? I would love to. Thank you. Thank you. Heavenly Father, we are so thankful for your love that you really, really care.

You don’t just say it, you don’t just tell us that you care, but you showed us you. And so we just thank you first of all for that, that you gave your only child, your only son. And Lord, every time I think of that, I cannot fathom that kind of love. And I just am amazed. I’m amazed every time. So, Lord, I just pray that, um, those that are listening, that they would just be able to receive that kind of love, that quiets our spirit, Lord, that quiets and calms ourselves.

And it’s like a, a wean child that has been calm because they’re satisfied. And Lord, just pray for that, just a calmness in their soul and that they would just know that you’ve got ’em, that you are, you see everything, and that you’ve got ’em, and that you’re taking care of them. That you are the most amazing person in their life that they could have.

You’re the most trustworthy person also. And so Lord, that they would relinquish control into your hands for of their finances and of the areas that they’re stressed about God, that they would just give it to you and say, Lord, show me what to do. Show my part in this show, my part of obedience. But Father God, I trust you.

I trust your word. And I believe if I stand on your word that it’s better than money in the bank. So thank you, Lord, that you are just a powerful God. And if you be before us, who can be against us? And Lord, we just wanna be on your side more than ask you to be on our side. We want to be in the flow of your word.

God, we wanna be under that, that spic at that fountain. Of, of that river flowing, God. So I just pray, Lord, that we would line up with your word. We would get under that covering that protection, and we would relinquish control. And I thank you Lord for healing hearts, Lord, that have hurt because of their finances that have struggled, and just pray that you come for them right now and just let ’em know that you’re going to change things.

It’s not always gonna be this way. And let ’em have hope in you. Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen. Amen. So Kimberly, where can listeners find your book? It’s on Amazon and you type in Financial Hope and Kimberly Long, then it’ll come up. Okay. Well, I encourage anybody out there who’s really struggling with the poverty mindset to get this book.

I have underlined and highlighted so much of it, and just appreciate the effort that you went to, to create this resource for people to truly help them get out of that poverty mindset. So thank you so much for being here, Kimberly. It has been a joy to get to see your face again, and at least talk to you over Zoom because it’s been so many years.

Thank you, Carol. It has been a joy to see you again too. Thanks, Kimberly. What a privilege to have Kimberly. Pray that beautiful prayer for. I hope that her story and the hard lessons she’s learned have encouraged and given you hope in whatever financial state you’re in today. I love how she’s found the freedom to give above her tithe with offerings to help others in need.

It’s really true that God will provide if we give above and beyond, and that he will bless us for it. If you’d like to get Kimberly’s book, financial Hope, take Control of Your Destiny, you can find it on Amazon, and I’ll have a link in the show notes. I pray this episode will help you step out of any poverty mentality, mindset you may have to attain financial freedom.

The next episode will be our last one for 2022 to give us a short break for the holiday. But it’s one you don’t want to miss. Kim Har had been divorced from her husband for about five years when he snapped, broke into her home beat and kidnapped her and shot her boyfriend, whom she’d only been seeing for a few weeks after a period of healing, she finally found peace from the trauma she’d endured that horrific night.

Kim is a licensed marriage and family therapist who learned firsthand how to deal with overcoming tragedy and trauma. She shares ways we can help gain victory over trauma we may have experienced as well. One of the most important keys being forgiveness. Kim’s testimony is a living example that demonstrates what the enemy meant for evil.

God is able to redeem and use for good. Hers is a powerful story with an amazing ending. Thanks so much for joining me for another episode. If you enjoyed the show, would you please click to subscribe and leave a five star review. Your reviews help us to reach more people with our message. And if you’d like to check out the links and show notes, hop on over to carol where you’ll find more great content.

Have an awesome week and remember, keep building strong.