Losing the Weight That Matters with Jenn Mair and Julie Bagwell

For years Jenn Mair struggled with body image issues. She believed the lies that had been spoken to her by others and our culture, “you are too much” or “you are not enough.” This kicked in an eating disorder and addiction to working out. For years, she felt like she could never measure up to what the world defined as beautiful.

One day, while running on a treadmill, she felt hopeless and thought, “there has to be more to life than this.” She knew she wasn’t alone because others around her either felt hopeless or wanted control of their health and wellness. Shortly after this moment, God led her to become a certified group fitness instructor but use it as a tool for the Gospel. Her passion is to let others know they have been set free from the lies and bondage of our fitness culture. In 2016, Jenn founded Whole Fitness, a program dedicated to building a healthy and whole community: mind, body, and soul. If you’re interested in learning more about personal trainer certification, you can visit https://www.americansportandfitness.com/products/personal-trainer-certification for further information. If you decide to intensify your workouts to build your muscle mass, you may benefit from taking supplements from sites like www.emule-anleitung.de. For additional information about health, you can also explore this similar site at www.insidecbd.net.

Julie Bagwell began her own health journey when she realized she had been living her life in overdrive to care for her family and others, without spending much time taking care of herself. Learning the value of rest, tending to her soul and changing her mindset that working out is a form of worship, helped her heal and become stronger in mind, body and soul! She became certified to lead faith-based fitness classes where she met Jenn Mair. Julie will soon be launching a Whole Fitness branch in the Fountain Inn area where she hopes to encourage others with this new mindset.

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Quotes and Resources

“We don’t work for our freedom; we work from it.” – Revelation Wellness

“Freedom looks good on you!” – Whole Fitness

“…the power of movement and the science behind movement is that when you’re moving your body and you’re repeating truth or hearing truth your brain holds onto it a lot quicker.” – Jenn

“There is truth in if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. After a certain age we do lose muscle, balance and bone density.” – Jenn

“We’re obsessed with ourselves, and nobody thinks about us as much as we do.” – Julie

“The enemy is crafty… he doesn’t want us to get healthy and whole and if we do, he wants to blur those lines and make it about us.” – Jenn

“”People don’t want perfection, they want people.” – Jenn

Check out the Whole Fitness website where you can find information about in-person group fitness classes, online classes, Bible studies, hike challenges and 5 K’s.

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